Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER

You should note that emblems are available now. So 10* Titan is doable with 5 months into the game.
I used 4* max on 10* when they were the biggest Titan, so with emblems now you can take on 10* Titan with a mix of 3* with emblems and some 4* with emblems

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Already shared this today. I remember it too. Waited over a month for the compass to ascend Boldtusk. Felt like I’d never get it.

Now I have 20 fully ascended 5* and 43 4*…

The below is my 3* mat pool.

This isn’t to brag, more to assure you it changes. The first 6 months feels like running up a hill covered in tar. Then you reach the top…and find a mountain covered in Tar for the 4* mats. But they drop, this I promise.

The game is a grind…that’s part of the enjoyment I guess. When you ascend a hero it’s because you earnt it

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In some time nobody cares about 3* items only 4* items count, rest will come in abundance specially after 7* titan.

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No just started one month ago to take 10 * titan

Just started one month ago

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After 2 years of gameplay I have 10 5* maxed and materials for another 5* for each color except green (I have mats for 2 and one of them will be zocc)

So, if you play f2p you probably can’t hope to have 30 5* maxed after 2 years. Counting already maxed heroes and heroes that potentially I could grow if I decided to use all materials I have I would reach 16, currently.


I’m the same - only going to spend any more if it’s for something useful.
Not a chance of something useful when it’s likely to be a backpack.

Ascension requirements for S1 five star heroes should be less than the other heroes (especially considering how often RNG tips the hat towards giving us those VS event heroes).

The game feels terribly unbalanced.

They should get rid of Damascus blade and Tome requirement for S1 heroes.

Keep the other heroes the same… but lower the ascension mat chokehold for S1 five star heroes would help this inbalance.

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The frequency in which we acquire ascension material is frightfully slow. It would take ten years to level up four blue 5 star heroes

After seeing Soiden post how many total 4 star mats they’ve got I thought it’d be interesting to do the same for myself. This is the total amount of 4 star mats I’ve received (not have on hand, this includes those I’ve used on 5 stars) is as follows after playing for around thirteen months:

Damascus Blades: 12
Tome of Tactics: 11
Farsight Telescope: 10
Mysterious Tonic: 16
Mystic Rings: 14
Poison Darts: 19
Royal Talbards: 17

So Telescopes are my hardest mat to get, and good old darts my easiest! Obviously this distribution is not even across that timeframe, as only in the last few months has my alliance been able to move up to 10 star titans. But nobody starts out being able to get everything, do they!


Here my data too, playing since June 2019 (F2p)

Damascus blade: 14
Tome of Tactics: 12
Farsight Telescope: 12
Mysterious Tonics: 21
Mystic Rings: 17
Poison Darts: 16
Royal Tabard: 13

Never fought titans above 7 stars. Most of them came by rare quests who I finished as fast as I could.

Yea, I’m not sure if it’s just me or something has been altered in drop rates from mission chests. I skip at 6hr mark whenever I possibly can (fill at least 2 raid/monster chests daily). We’re taking down 9 and 10 star titans on a regular basis. Win more wars than we lose. Yet the last 3 months have been horrible. I’ve gotten 1 Damascus Blade from a raid chest and 1 Poison Dart from a war chest. Note that the Poison Dart I’ve received from the war chest was the one and only 4* ascension mat I’ve EVER received from a war chest. I’ve gone through a handful of elemental chests over the last 3 months and haven’t gotten a 4* mat. Last one, I believe it was a yellow elemental chest, I didn’t even get a 3* mat. I mean, I’m not sure how long this “random” bad drop chance streak will continue, but it’s taking a toll.
I’m sure as hell not gonna drop $30 on their “offer” just to get a 4* mat. I’ll probably go from spending $30-$50 a month to $0 and then eventually quit.

Don’t mind me, I’m just venting here :joy:

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