Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER

As far as I can tell, it seems that there’s mostly relatively new players that express their concerns
about scarcity of ascension materials here.

I can certainly understand the frustration of not being able to max out the hero’s you have, and this is a spot every player experience at certain periods. First, when you get your very first 4*'s and maybe 5*, and later, when you are working on your second or third set. Eventually, it’s the 4* items that will be the limiter, while 3* items will pile up.

If you decide to spend early on, do some rolls and get some nifty 5*, you will realise that you got these kickass hero’s prematurely. Most likely, you also got some 4* and decent 3. These are the hero’s to focus on for the time being, and the sooner you understand this the sooner you can start enjoying the game (speaking from my own experience).

This is a slow paced game, and ascension materials are there to make the game last longer and to avoid a bottomless pit of class difference between millionaires and normal players. As it turned out, I never maxed out the very first 5* I got, and it took me about 7 months to max my first (usable) 5*. Did I have fun during those first 7 months? Yes indeed!


Maldoror is 100% right.

If you spend your food and trainees on 5*s before you have a bunch of usable 3s and 4s up and running you are shooting yourselves in the foot. The 5s are a lot more resource hungry.

If you care about wars you want to have 30 heroes to use, and even if you don’t, if you want to raid or complete rare quests (with guaranteed mats) and trials then you need those 3s and 4s. Stop trying to run before you can walk.

(Also, hi Maldoror, I think I just revenged you :slight_smile: )


@Perilin. Thank you so much for the explanation!!!


People moaning after only playing for a couple of months… you shouldn’t really be trying to ascend 5* heroes. I have been playing for 5 months and now have a rainbow fully accended 4* team with other 4* on the way. I have 3 5* i have at 2/60 which i will start to ascend after i have finished the current 4*. Now i have a strong 4* roster i can complete rare quests for the materials and get good results in titans and wars. People rushing to get 5* too early are just going to be disappointed. The game is designed to be the way it is so you progress naturally.


Yes well but did anyone mention 5* specifically? I for one benched mine after reading here and learning how it’s done best. My 4* are stuck at 60/3, getting nowhere.

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Ok Kitten.

Then may I ask you a question or two?

Are you in an alliance, and if so, what sort of titans are you fighting?

I spent about a month in a semi-dead alliance. There was some activity, but even with 25+ people we were losing 3* titans on the regular. I never got anything mat wise until I packed my bags and moved somewhere more active.

I agree with you that titan chests are often disappointing, but the best thing with titans is to be consistent. Hitting and killing titans regularly. In my alliance where we’re pretty much doing 8* comfortably, people scoring in the C bracket are still getting loot (not every time, but often enough to tease the As). So maybe you and your hubby need to look for an alliance with bigger titans. Since I joined my alliance, we as a group have gone up a few tiers. We as a group have gotten stronger. You need an active alliance. Some days you win the sweet titan loot, some day someone else does. But if you’re all hitting, the loot will be shared around, in time. This game is a team sport.

The thing is, even if you’re at the bottom of the titan hit list, with persistence, you will get mats. But then, you can also get mats from monster and raid chests. So just making sure to participate in everything and fill your chests every day you play. The more chests you do, the more often you’ll get an elemental chest. Go as far as you can go on the rare quests and trials, Craft some consumables to help push the final levels if you need them. The mats come, with time.


Some people might say that I’m one to talk because I have spend a fair amount of money on this game and have a full bench of maxed 5* (29 currently).
But I too, have hit the ascension wall, and hard I can tell you. I remember one day where I pulled 3 blue 4* and only had 1 warm cape in my inventory. The best advice I someone gave me and one that I still tell newer players: 4* are the backbone of your roster.
Like @Ggbarnum said, they allow you to complete rare quests, trials, seasonal events and even complete all tiers in the event without throwing huge amounts of items at them.
The drop rates haven’t changed over the years (maybe in elemental chests, I do feel like 4* mats in there are rarer these days), but the real difference with 1 year ago is that ALL players were still building their first rainbow 5* team.
And the offers like yesterday with the gloves and magic orb for 500 gems is, although a little overpriced imo, a good one. You have to consider for yourself whether you want to use the gems for the orb and ascend that yellow 4* or use them for pulls, get the Holy 5* hero you want, but be 9 Orbs short to max both. I’d take the maxed 4* over the half leveled 5* any day…


I’d like to see a rotating 4* mat as part of the reward for completing the Legendary monthly event. For a majority of players, competing to try to place in the top 10 for those things isn’t worth it. It’d be a great way to help f2p and p2p players alike advance a little faster without drastically affecting the food chain of the game too much.


In addition to @Perilin: Many alliances take players who perform a little under par, as long as they are good people and show their willingness to work hard for the team.


Thank you @Perilin for your elaborate and kind reply. I am in an active alliance, we do 4-5 and the occasional 6* titans and they very rarely get away. I would not have a chance to make top 3 without using all the war gear I can cary, and one of the two times I made A* I even used a flask for titan energy.

The alliance also does wars (I’ve done 100%) and I of course do monster and raid chests. Still no ascension mats I couldn’t farm from there. I have read about elemental chests but have never gotten one.

I understand patience is vital for this game and that it’s about slow progress and building a founding for oneself. It seemed so promising and I enjoyed it! But the lack of ascension mats is an artificial and extremely frustrating obstacle. Farming low levels and watching the benches fill up with 1-2* waiting to be food for an entire roster stuck at max before ascension is just not fun, and I play for fun. Not sure I can be bothered any more honestly. It’s a shame though!


Why you two don’t join an alliance from your country ? Or other alliance ?

Cons for being alone with him:
No Alliance War Chest
No Rare titan
No making friends
Not learning new things
Not growing at good pace

Pros for being alone with him:

You are alone with him…

If you and your husband like the game, chose wisely…


Elemental chests should be popping up somewhere between 20 and 40 regular chests. I tracked mine for awhile and was pretty predictable when they were getting overdue (47+). They aren’t always good, but they have a better chance of having good stuff, plus gems and emblems. It seems odd if you’re not getting them, I have no explanation for that.

As for titans, the thing people usually talk about is the loot tier. There’s some info about that:

You want to aim for a loot tier IX (or better), for a 6* titan that’s an A+. An A for a 7*, etc.

But just because you get an IX doesn’t mean you get loot, just a better chance (an extra loot roll), and likewise people scoring in lower loot tiers are still getting loot sometimes.

The other chests are all RNG, so it’s a numbers and time and patience. We’re all with you. Every single person in my alliance is missing some mat that seemingly never drops.

The way the loot is spread out can be super frustrating, but I can understand that it is done like that to make sure people hitting in the Bs and Cs are still getting to grow too, and have motivation to keep doing it. After all, alliances would get nowhere fast if all the loot went to the A+ and As.

When I got really mad about it, I started tracking all my loot. I did it for 3 months, at which point I realized it was dropping more than I thought it was. And I stopped tracking.

3-60 4s are still good, I use them in wars all the time. They don’t cost any unfarmable mats, and 4s get churned out of a TC20 fairy regularly. And better yet, using them at 3-60 for awhile gives you a chance to find your personal favourites, so that when you do have the mats you will know best which ones to give those elusive mats to.

Sorry for my big monologues. I hope things pick up for you :slight_smile:


1st off i would like to say there’s alot of great points from all that I do agree with but there’s always that thing they call REALITY that comes up

New player yes that would be me 2 1/2 months but that means what I spent many hours reading the forum and still all the information needed for new players isn’t easily available. You have to ask the right questions. But as for me, my base, & characters

SH level 17
TC 1 at level 14, other 2 at level 8
Mines 2 at level 16, other 2 will be level 16 in 3 hours
Farms 1 at level 15, 7 at level 14

11 3* maxed with 4 more on the 3rd stage
My 4* team and i do have the AM to do Kashhrek & Chaos but everyone isn’t lucky or have patience and if people keep leaving because of that reason and SG does nothing about it then we all lose bottom line they need to find BALANCE in this game. The only fast fix I can see is AM dropping more so newer players can be more competitive

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Do they, though? I mean, I know lots of people post in the forum say that they might quit if they don’t collect more ascension materials, but I don’t think we have a good idea of how many actually do. It might not be very many at all.

Do we really all lose? Let’s assume, for the sake of the conversation, that the scarcity of ascension materials causes a lot of players to quit. In itself, that still might not be a concern.

The game seems to be popular and successful, with lots of new players arriving constantly and many staying for quite a long time. Maybe the scarcity of ascension materials is one reason for that. Maybe it’s worth losing those players who don’t have the patience to wait around for AM, because the trade off is a game that is great fun to play for more patient players, and very profitable for the developers.

Just guesses.


@Brobb The AM is the root of the problem and the cause for the UNBALANCE.

So like the utube of the guy rage quitting from 7d I believe and many others for vast reasons meaning the game is losing people on both ends

Think of it like this don’t know how long ago the game came out but it had a core community that stayed throughout everything. They are years ahead of the new community starting to play. I read almost every day about how people are matched against others that are way more powerful then them. I have posted pics myself. How does that happen it has to come from the
unbalance of players and where they are in the game.
The only fix to this is for players to be able to level their characters (AM)

Lol…you can pull 100 5* heroes …and can have, darts tabards, rings, orbs, and tonics…

Cant do anything with them without tomes and dblades…

Lol…I speak from personal experience…I laugh…but its a sad truth…cant tell you the last time I’ve seen either

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If the ragequit of the 7D guy on YT is the one tjat i think you mean (not Anchor, I dont call that a ragequit), then you are completely wrong. His frustration wasnt in the lack of ascension mats, i know for a fact he had plenty. It was because of a series of bad luck in wars (board RNG) and his Atlantis pulls (summons RNG). I also know he spend a boatload of money in game, so the only lesson to learn from his video is “don’t expect to buy your way to the top”.


This sounds more like a problem with cup-dropping, which I think is a bigger issue since it negatively affects matchmaking for lower-level players.

Ascension materials aren’t necessarily the answer to this. You’ll win more temporarily, sure, but eventually you’ll gain more trophies (and thus roll tougher opponents) until you hit a wall again. That’s just how the cup system is supposed to work: it’s a feedback algorithm that gives you stronger opponents once you’ve proven that you’re ready for them.


I sorry for not being clear on that I used him to say players new and old were quitting the game

I don’t think so.

I think this is the answer.

The system of trophies ensures that players are matched against suitable opponents. It fails (somewhat) if cup dropping is widespread. If inappropriate matches are being made then it’s not really anything to do with ascension materials.


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