Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER

Hi all that’s my first post here
I started playing 5 months ago
I have a quite decent account but facing a big problem :slight_smile:
Since one and a half months I didn’t receive any 3* or 4* mats rather than those in the quests
In Titans loots or any other chest
Is that normal !!!

Am I missing something here ??

Probably just a down swing.

For me, it’s the opposite: Got eight 4* mats already this month… 5 from titans, 2 from chests and one from shards. One titan even gave me two. I was even thinking if they buffed the drop rates… But just asked my allies and it seems more likely that I am just super lucky. Hope it stays that way.

Hope your phase of bad luck will end soon and that your loot gets better. What titans are you facing in your alliance?

Hah…he said a month and a half!! I’ve gotten 1 4* mat in the last 3 months. Loot boxes (including elemental chests) have been empty as well as Titans. My wallet has been closed for a while.

I get nothing from chests. I skip every timer thats possible and loots are ridiculous. My loots are a little food, a little less iron and 3 diamonds and a clean cloth or something. Also titans don’t drop anything good and I’m everytime A or A+. Titans are 10-11*. I’m running out of every single 4* mats. Mystic vision seems to be the best chance to get anything good. I’m getting really tired of this game.

Practice Sword keeps coming. It just showed up again in my 5-titan chest. They should really re-program the chest reward distribution for 5-titan chest, 25 war pts chest. Right now, they are full of craps.


If your alliance isn’t taking down big titans consistently, then that’s pretty normal.

The higher rarity you take down though the better the drops are. I don’t have any data but I have a decent amount of stockpiled 3* mats (Orbs of Magic in particular have been very plentiful for me) and I’m not short on any 4* mats either.

FWIW we take down 12*s consistently, but I think that 10* is a good goal to aim for as an alliance so you can all get 3 rolls for mats.

Technically 9* titans give 3 rolls too but you may not want to stay that low in case you have rainy days and drop to 8* by accident. Well this all depends how active your alliance is.

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yes… you are missing 1 thing…
spend money to buy mats… 1 year ago, there were good probabilities to claim mats. But now everything is pay to take

sadly but true

Did you take down 10* titan when you were 5 month into the game ?

No, not me anyways. I did note that OP has only been in the game for 5 months – I know how much of a struggle it is. But my intent was to let them know that climbing up and taking down higher titans eventually settles the dry spell of materials, not to tell them to switch alliances or anything like that - my apologies if that was taken off base, and I should’ve made thay clearer.

Personally I started with an alliance taking down 8* titans, and those were pretty brutal for me back then. But I didn’t even know what those materials were for. I had no heroes to use them on when I got the mats anyways.

My first alliance was wise enough to instruct me on leveling up 3*s first until I had a wide bench. That was very helpful advice and let me build up teams to clear those rare quests consistently.

We lost a few members, went down to 7*s, and in about 10 months we climbed our way up to taking down 9*s consistently as more players came and the younger players developed their rosters. It won’t be the same for everyone but my first alliance really helped with guiding me through the things the game doesn’t tell you.

10*s are what I recommend, but 9*s give 3 drops of ascension materials for C rank and up. 3 rolls is ideally what you want to hit at least so your chances of getting rare mats increases.


Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, it just takes time, even more for F2P/C2P.

You were lucky on your starting alliance. I am in an Alliance with 6* Titan. We can’t get those 7s down because 1. we have only 21/22 members, 2. people are stuck with un-ascended 4 heroes. As I said, we tried hard to take down Titans and win AWs. But when I keep seeing Practice Swords in 5-titan and 25 pts war chest (not those 1 titian, 1 war rewards), I will just show a certain finger and say something that can’t be post on this forum …

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You should note that emblems are available now. So 10* Titan is doable with 5 months into the game.
I used 4* max on 10* when they were the biggest Titan, so with emblems now you can take on 10* Titan with a mix of 3* with emblems and some 4* with emblems

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Already shared this today. I remember it too. Waited over a month for the compass to ascend Boldtusk. Felt like I’d never get it.

Now I have 20 fully ascended 5* and 43 4*…

The below is my 3* mat pool.

This isn’t to brag, more to assure you it changes. The first 6 months feels like running up a hill covered in tar. Then you reach the top…and find a mountain covered in Tar for the 4* mats. But they drop, this I promise.

The game is a grind…that’s part of the enjoyment I guess. When you ascend a hero it’s because you earnt it

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In some time nobody cares about 3* items only 4* items count, rest will come in abundance specially after 7* titan.

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No just started one month ago to take 10 * titan

Just started one month ago

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After 2 years of gameplay I have 10 5* maxed and materials for another 5* for each color except green (I have mats for 2 and one of them will be zocc)

So, if you play f2p you probably can’t hope to have 30 5* maxed after 2 years. Counting already maxed heroes and heroes that potentially I could grow if I decided to use all materials I have I would reach 16, currently.


I’m the same - only going to spend any more if it’s for something useful.
Not a chance of something useful when it’s likely to be a backpack.

Ascension requirements for S1 five star heroes should be less than the other heroes (especially considering how often RNG tips the hat towards giving us those VS event heroes).

The game feels terribly unbalanced.


They should get rid of Damascus blade and Tome requirement for S1 heroes.

Keep the other heroes the same… but lower the ascension mat chokehold for S1 five star heroes would help this inbalance.


The frequency in which we acquire ascension material is frightfully slow. It would take ten years to level up four blue 5 star heroes

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