Ascension material?

Are there any tips or tricks to get them quickly ???

Grind hard, harder.

Mystic Vision, chests, etc. Use them as frequently as you can.


Yes this :smile:


To expand:

  • Mystic Visions run on a clock that starts when you watch the ad. Set an alarm to watch the next one ASAP.
  • Chests: pay a few gems to accelerate your monster or hero wanted chests. These chests have a trickle of rare mats and are occasionally replaced by elemental chests with much higher odds of good loot.
  • Titans: get higher grades against bigger titans. Read this post to understand why: Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You
  • check quests often (at least daily) to see if there is a Rare Quest up. These award rare mats for completing the last two levels. If you are really close to getting the final,level, consider paying 75 gems to continue, or just replay.
  • same advice for finishing monthly Challenge Events.

Why do ALL the ascension items not available from playing the game. The more rare one like the Damascus blade could be only associated with the highest province level. There should be some reward for continual play and playing at high level

Designers’ choice. Rare mats are the gating items that keep control of the pace of team development. They prevent bot farming to create mega accounts.


I understand you concern. Is there some happier ground like increase their probability as rewards for completing 5 titans, completing colored monster treasuer box. etc.

There is no denying there is more chance of getting ascension materials if you buy gems.

The 30x Atlantis pull will generate bonuses that become three chests. There will be an ascenion material of 3*/4* level in each.

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Sure, and in the calendar this month you could buy one of anything. They key is one.

This is a slow-paced game. Most days you won’t see a rare mat. So you just keep grinding, hitting the titan, trying to win wars, and so forth. Mats eventually fall.

I suggest you keep,a log of what rare mats you get. It may surprise you how often you’re getting good loot.


@Kerridoc is correct in that good loot falls more often than we think. The rare quests are set up to generate enough mats to ascend a rainbow 5* team; however, there is nothing to guarantee you get a rainbow 5* team. That lack of heroes leads to many maxed 4*s which can lead players to believe they have been shorted on loot.

I live in an area with many slot machines. They advertise about how loos their slot are. Your slots are really tight. One spot that I and out alliance has noted was finishing season one. just a few tokens at best. U worked hard and likely spent alot to get there. something real special like rare ascending toy would have been nice. I hope at the end of season 2 you have a real pot not a skunk pot

It only starts slow. I don’t spend much on the game but have ( I won’t say lots) but enough of pretty much all mats. I could always use telescopes but have 5 Damascus blades and 7 tomes. Also have quite a few gloves and all of the 3* mats. Mats are really quite tough early but once you are getting b or better on 10*+ titans and filling all hero chests in diamond things get better.

I have also had fantastic luck with war chests and gotten 2 4* ascention mats from everyone so a solid alliance helps a lot beyond just titans.

I like that the game is slowed down a little with heroes not raising super quickly between feeders and mats. But things do speed up quite a bit once you get a strong enough team.

Consider yourself happy with what you get. I started 9 month ago and there was no reward at end of season 1.

Took this forum to get a reward there. :smile:

Have faith!
Don’t give up!
They will come, sooner or later!

Happy thoughts! :smile:

And a couple, just a couple, of motivational posts for you to scroll:

Also to keep in touch with the “forum-family” and keep-up-the-morale mojo.

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Lol the epic token at the end of season 1 guess what dropped lol Bernie yes epic token 3* green lol I was so p off cause then with the 3 normal tokens you get guess what another Bernie lol ???
But then a 150h holy chest have a epic token that dropped sartana !! So whatever it’s like a slot machine never know what you get !!! Win some loose some lol !!!

But I’m missing lots of compases and other things !!!

We are all missing some sort of items. My bottleneck seems to be gloves. Eventually the items show up.

I’ve been keeping track since June and average about .89 unfarmable mats per day. I speed chests when they get to cost about 2 or 3 gems. It’s a slow start for sure but once you get a good base of heros (4* will get you a long way to finishing events and rare quests) it’ll get better.


I really need 4x farsight telescope to upgrade character but has been near impossible to find even 1, any suggestions?

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@Johnlaw11, I’m in the same boat with trap tools and ALWAYS short warm cloaks. It’s just a waiting game, keep hitting the titans, filling the chests (watching for that elemental chest), Filling the war chest (seems to be my best loot overall) and catching those “special” deals if you spend.

They seem to come in batches. I was short telescopes and hidden blades awhile back and got a bunch out of random chests AND Mystic Vision (if you can believe that)

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