Ascension Material Tracking and Comparison


What does fought and bought mean?


Special Quests like Farholme Pass or Mount Umber and Events (Guardians, Pirates…) as well as offers for money or gems.
Everything which is not random.

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Please keep tracking. Really useful info. Puts my luck or lack of it in perspective. I seem to be getting around 20-25 random mats/month + 11 or so from rare quests and events so a bit over 30/month.

Real info Im interested in is people’s titan mat numbers and what star titans they fought/loot tier they get. I’m got 9 total Titan mats for each month of october and November (and zero for December so far) while fighting 7*/A-rank. I’m curious how much higher they are for people fighting 10 and 12 star.


I don‘t track but I think for 12* (especially A grade) you get roughly 1 mat/titan. Could be a bit less probably. But 4* are still super rare I cant remember when I got my last from titan - probably 3-4 weeks ago


Ok so it’s been my 50th titan in a row without dropping any 4 star item. And we’re talking about 11 and 12 star Titans only.
When I look at the Excel sheet in the op, there’s no way the drop rates are still the same. Ninja nerfs have struck again


Rediculous mate. Its hard enough as it is.


The 4* AM drop rate is probably about 2% per slot on a 12* titan. At 50 titans, you’ve seen about 150 slots. That means there’s a 5% chance that you wouldn’t have gotten any 4* AM. This is exactly the same chances as rolling a 1 on a d20, and any D&D gamer will tell you that happens often enough to be very annoying.

It sucks when you’re not getting the AM you need, but 50 titains is actually a relatively small number when the drop rate of 4* AM is so low. It would be nice if SG implemented a pity system of some sort, where your odds improved for every titan where you blanked.


I’ve been playing now for about 16 months and I average around 30 mats a month. The first 4 or so months are really slow but the mats eventually come. Doesn’t mean you get what you want (I need 4 D Blades) but they come nonetheless.

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I needed 2 more tonicums, till today!


4 slots for loottier XII? Is that right?


It should be not. You get 4 slots starting at tier XIV.



Well it was a rare titan that gives tonic as bonus. Maybe he got the bonus and the system put both together. If not, it’s fake

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I think thats whats happend, that the system put it together. I id not fake, I was just as suprised as you are.


If I recall correctly, rare Titans give an effective loot tier that is one or two levels higher than what is listed. For example, I’m pretty sure I’ve received 3 AM rolls for loot tier VIII on a Unicorn before, even though 3 rolls normally starts at loot tier IX.


Yes, if you’re fighting a 9* rare Titan, loot tiers are calculated as if it was a 10*


That will explain it! Tnx.


Rare titan give one loot tier higher but it is displayed. Take the screenshot of the rooster:

10* means loot tier X
Its rare so its increased to XI
He scored B so it‘s increased to XII

There is no hidden increase of matrolls at rare titans.


My fine gloves rating is 31% vs compass 69% in 58 drops. Maybe not a large sample, but that doesn’t look very random to me. Does anyone have the drop rates published by SG for those 2 items?