Ascension Material Tracking and Comparison

Let’s compare the amount of ascension mats we get in a month. Info on how you get your numbers will be hepful too. I started tracking on the 1st of May. If you can post your numbers for the past months, please do so.

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Tomorrow i’ll end my first (and probably last) monthly merc report.

The numbers are… Kinda insane.


Cool, i was hoping for merc stats.

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I fill about 2 monster chests a day, 1 raid chest a day (sometimes 2), defeat at least 5-7 Titans a week for chest (mostly 9*), I completed all the rare quests, I complete and also compete in the challenge events, we win majority of alliance wars, and watch Mystic vision every day.

I get a ton of materials even if you ignore the purchased ones. I thought March was a fluke but it hasn’t slowed down. I highly suggest everyone tracks to actually see the big picture.

Here is my list from when I started tracking on March 13th (Right after the Guardians event).


Duh, Avalon intermediate has both 2x Blades and 2x Compass?

Lol, i must add.

For rank 19 (top 50), yes!
Placing top 50 is consuming of both time and resources but I find it fun. Someday I’ll get top 10 too :slight_smile:

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Great initiative :slight_smile:

Really impressive numbers. You were doing 1.5 AM per day from 9* titans and other normal sources (purchases and avalon ranking rewards not included).

You weren’t speeding up chests, right?

As for anyone else who would like to contribute, it doesn’t have to be as detailed as 2Spookd’s list. Summaries are fine.

Not often, I haven’t been tracking how many chests I go through but a standard day would be 2 monster and 1.5 raid chest a day. Usually only skipping a chest so the time is more convenient.

Gratz man.
Considering how many 4* you are findind in chests and titan loot, seems we are playng two different games.
Keeping track of mine doing average 4 chests/day and after 89 regular chests I had 0 (repeat 0) 4* ascension math
From 22 defeated titans I had 1 4* ascension math (tier loot 11 or better)

Tks Empire&Randomness, very incentivized indeed

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I know i shouldn’t for my merc cause, but here it is:

8-4-18: Rare quest: orb
8-4-18: Rare quest: Dards
8-4-18: Titan loot: Hidden blade
9-4-18: Titan chest: Tome of tactics
10-4-18: Titan loot: Sturdy shield
10-4-18: Titan loot: Warm cape
12-4-18: Titan loot: Gloves
12-4-18: Elemental chest: Damascus blade
12-4-18: Elemental chest: Compass
12-4-18: Raid chest: Hidden blade
13-4-18: Titan loot: Warm cape
13-4-18: Event: trap tools-orb-shield-blade
14-4-18: Event: Hidden blades x2
14-4-18: Event: Compass x2
14-4-18: Titan loot: Tome of tactics
14-4-18: Titan loot: Orb
15-4-18: Titan loot: Sturdy shield
17-4-18: Titan loot: Sturdy shield
17-4-18: Titan loot: Hidden blade
17-4-18: Titan loot: Trap tools
17-4-18: Monster chest: Hidden blade
18-4-18: Titan loot: Compass
19-4-18: Titan loot: Tonic
20-4-18: Raid chest: Orb
20-4-18: Titan loot: Trap tools
21-4-18: Elemental chest: Orb
21-4-18: Elemental chest: Trap tools
22-4-18: Titan loot: Gloves
23-4-18: Titan loot: Hidden blade
23-4-18: Titan loot: Compass
24-4-18: Titan loot: Tonic
24-4-18: Raid chest: Compass
25-4-18: Titan loot: Gloves
25-4-18: Rare quest: Compass
25-4-18: Rare quest: Damascus Blade
25-4-18: Raid chest: Sturdy shield
26-4-18: Titan loot: Gloves
26-4-18: Titan chest: Rings
26-4-18: Elemental chest: Orb
27-4-18: Monster chest: Tome of tactics
28-4-18: Titan loot: Trap tools
28-4-18: Titan loot: Sturdy shield
28-4-18: Monster chest: Trap tools
29-4-18: Monster chest: Hidden blade
30-4-18: Titan loot: Orb
01-5-18: Titan loot: Hidden blade
01-5-18: Titan loot: Orb
01-5-18: Titan loot: Compass
02-5-18: Rare quest: Hidden blade
02-5-18: Rare quest: Rings
03-5-18: Titan loot: Hidden blade
03-5-18: Elemental chest: orb
03-5-18: Elemental chest: sturdy shield
04-5-18: Titan loot: Trap tools
05-5-18: Titan loot: Sturdy shield
05-5-18: Titan loot: Gloves x2
06-5-18: Titan loot: Trap tools
06-5-18: Titan loot: Gloves
07-5-18: Elemental chest: Hidden blade
07-5-18: Elemental chest: Trap tools

Total ascension items: 66
Total 3* ascension items: 56
Total 4* ascension items: 10
Titan loot: 33
Rare quest: 6
Elemental chest: 9
Event: 8
Monster chest: 4
Raid chest: 4
Titan chest: 2
Mystic vision: 0

Fine gloves: 7
Compass: 8
Warm Capes: 2
Hidden blades: 13
Sturdy shield: 8
Trap tools: 9
Orbs: 9
Damascus blade: 2
Tome of tactics: 3
Rings: 2
Tonics: 2
Dards: 1


Nice loot. How much do you skip chests?

Everytime i max the flags. So max limit everyday.

2 AM per day on a (full time?) merc with heavy speeding up of chests. Really nice numbers.

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My Data for last 28 days, yes I was surprised by the quantity.

AW 1
Elemental Chest 3
Monster Chest 3
Mystic Vision 3
Quests 2
Raid( Platinum) 1
Titan(6 and 8*) 6
Event 5
Total 24

4 *
Quest 2
Total 2

Just for fun I worked out how many items per hour of active play ( in the associated activity) this was:

Type Per hour
AW 1.1
Elemental Chest 1.5
Monster Chest 0.8
Mystic Vision 8.6
Raid 0.1
Titan 1.7

In conclusion.

  • Mystic Vision Needs Nerfing :grinning:

  • I need to reduce my 10 hrs a month spent raiding as the reward is way out of whack with the time spent especially since the ham\iron nerf.

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What the hell is wrong with you???


Does anybody else feels that drops have increased since the update? I received 3 3* items in monster/raid chests since the update 1.12 (I speed em up so 4-5 boxes a day). Thats more mats than I received the 2 months before that!

Can’t even remember when mystic vision last gave me AM’s. LoL

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I’m not good at statistics but seems like you have a small sample size to make that conclusion.

I found 2 3* since the update from regular monster/raid chests and the 2nd one was 5 mins ago only. If I had replied to you earlier in the day then my stats would’ve been something like 1/15 regular chests.

This is awesome!!
And in defense of raids taking the most time, I think they’re the most fun, so I don’t mind spending the time on them.

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