Ascension material portal

@Petri I have a suggestion for an upcoming feature. An Ascension Mats Summon, make this summon the same as the troops summon. Same cost, same odds. I think a lot of people would be interested in this kind of feature and it will make people spend ofc. This also offers possibilities for the Alchemy Lab since people will have more mats to dump in there. Maybe make this portal available once a month for a few days and make some kind of quest with it.

But thats up to you, I hope you take this for consideration


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Well, another cash grab, but still a good idea.

At least it’s another way of getting materials.


I see the cash grab aspect of it but this is a feature which is usefull and pays SG. Getting heroes is the easy part, getting the mats needed for those is way harder.

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10x pull would return something like 10 Tall Boots xD


Chainmail is the new Dawa… :joy:


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This can only happen when the thread has been initially published in a different category but this thread has not been moved…

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Something similar is already in the market, I think.

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Getting the food to use the mats is the hard part for me tbh.

But, cost is high (600 gems a pull) and it limits to a measly 5 pulls. :frowning:

As far as I guess, this kind of portal has the lowest odds.
The odd of 4* AMs may be about 1%? And actually the odd is not important, cause they say this is random. So if you have good luck you can have 4 4* AMs with 30 pulls, and if you are unlucky, you will get nothing with 100 pulls. Yeah, so the cost is not that important, I think.

10x pulls will be like that. 3 dirty shirts, 4 adventures’s kits, 2 wooden kinives, 1 long boots.
Or 30X pulls also will be like that. 27 useless garbages, and 3 orbs. As you konw, in the hero pulls, always same heroes pops, so this would be the same. Orb, Orb, Orb …

Someone will get mysterious tonic with one pull, and someone will 7 sturdy shields, and 93 garbages with 100 pulls.

So this will be hopeless, and just another terrible black hole absorbing your money.

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