Ascension material drop rates vs growing hero database

With the growing hero data base, you would think there would be an increased drop rate with non-farmable ascension materials. As the game progresses, more heros are released. A good business model would account for that, knowing people will be less likely to pull for new heros, HOTM, events, etc.; if they have a lack of materials. For example:

  1. The business model makes money by releasing the newest, coolest, best HOTM or event hero. People will pull for them.
  2. Imagine a year or two from now there will be double the amount of heros.
  3. The ascension materials will need to drop at a higher rate in order to have most of these heros usable
  4. At this rate, I have such an abundance of heros “waiting”, it causes me to only pull for “Gamechangers” or ones that appeal to me.
  5. Pull rates will decline unless people can use these heros.
  6. What good is 10 5* if you can only max 1 or 2?

f2p and c2p sometimes have more materials than 5 stars. If you spend a bunch of cash for 5 stars, you’ll have to pick and choose which ones to finish. It keeps the game in balance. This is not one you can buy your way to the top.

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