Ascension loot


Been waiting to ascend for awhile (close to a month) and finding it impossible to get ascension loot such as orbs, capes, traps, etc. Normally place top 5 in titan kills, but no loot. Anyone else seeing a similar issue or are the titans I’m faxing not carrying the good stuff (5* and 6*)


It’s there, just RNG. You’re basically in the same tiers I am, and I see people in my alliance getting useful things at that tier but so far not me.

Actually I know of one person who got a Warm Cape in Loot Tier V ( though I didn’t see a screen shot) so it can happen even lower than where you are.


Give it up you can’t get ascension items unless your rich, the game is rigged that way, so people will spend alot of money trying to get them. Dont believe me go on Gen. Chat room and thats all everybody is bithing about, everyone that has got them paid out there yang yang to get them. If go on GC and ask you’ll see what I’m talking about. The devs dont care if people have fun with the game all they care about is $$$$$$.


Cause Global is a fantastic reference point on the state of the game these days?


I’m not saying the odds are where they should be, you can see another post I made on the subject on how it’s absurd how slow the progression is in this game, but it is just RNG.