Ascension Items what should i do more?


well its a tiresome discussion, i know but i dont know what to do any more and how i should continue…

On 14 October this year i already made a post about this, now a bit more than two months later, 9+2 weeks, or better lets say 65 Days later i am here again and dont know how to continue any more. Since my last post i start to write up what i am doing, now here are the results…

Since this day i did exactly 59 Titans all with Grade A or A+, all Tier 10 or more, 6 we didnt get finished.
I did all wars with 100% activity, and opened 3 times the war chest,
I watched around 150 mystic visions,
I opened and reset 5-6 chests a day, so lets say around 320 ones,
I got 7 cloured chests in this time and finished them…

And what did i recieved: NOTHING! not a single 3* or 4* ascension Item!!!

There is absolutley no reason to play that game 100% of my progress is coming out of my 3-400€ invests every single month! If i wouldnt do that after exactly 1 year of playing i would have not a single 5* Hero rised up and only 5 or 6 4* ones.

(pleaso note: i only talking about rng based items, sure i get those items from the challenges and so on) But if i have only that i got what? 3 Challenges per month, makes 36 per year, but divided by 7 different items. Makes 5 of each one… So not even able to raise 1 hero to max…


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I believe in you, after so many try, this make me think top grade titan get only 0.5% chance 3* Unf-AM and 0.01% 4* AM. I also hate this… but at least our members in allliance at bottom grade have more chance to get 3* and 4* AM. I do not know why, but this happen so many times, some times I’m not in the top titan score, then I get 3* Unf-AM. I’m not jealous to my alliance members, because as C2P sometimes I buy AM from gems deals.

Well, I do not believe that something like this can happen. It shouldn’t be like this.

Based on my elemental chest data in Elemental Chest Frequency - days tracking and results > estimated between 4 to 16 days.
3 of 21 not get Unfaramble mats (me). And other members:
2 of 41 not get Unfaramble mats (@zephyr1)
3 of 31 not get Unfaramble mats (@yelnats_24)

Oops my apologies!! I responded so fast without thinking.

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It seems like you’ve had some really rotten luck. What level titans were those? (We’re on 11* and I’ve been in the 9*+ region so long, I have no feel for what the drops were like before that. I usually get 2-3 materials a week from titans, and am usually in the B-C grade loot. Four-star materials, on the other hand, have really dried up.)

3 war chests is surprising that you got nothing, but at least within what I’d expect on variance. 59 null-titans (unless they were like 1* or 2*, which I doubt) seems really excessive.

Don’t know what to tell you. Law of averages says it should even out given time, but that’s not a lot of consolation.

Just Update here: I am at 100 Titans 10* and more without a single nonfarmable ascension Item Drop!


Thought you had 100% no reason to play this game

So out of curiosity

Why are you still playing?

Cant stop, but i should better do it yes …

This game is weird. I do your results in my Titans and I get so many 3* ascension materials that by know I have more than 20 of some of them. You may be the unluckiest guy on earth. Been playing for like 8 or 9 month by now.

I agree 100%! It seem the only way I can get 4* ascension items is to buy them. I play every aspect of the game, and play very regularly. Yet other players in my alliance who dont spend money, dont play as often, dont score as high on titans or wars, get ascension items regularly. How does this make any sense?

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