Ascension Items Treasure Hunt

I noticed that on the main board, we are able to tap moving people while they are walking and they will stop, turn toward us and wave. At one point in time, there were boulders and beach balls we could tap to make them shoot upward. And of course, there are the flock of birds you can tap and shoot out of the sky.

Occasionally, there is a dragon that graces the sky.

The idea: Have it to where when the dragon is in the sky, one of the townsfolk would be carrying a rare ascension item that is related to the color of the dragon. You would have to tap on the right townsfolk in time to get it before the dragon disappears from across the screen. Of course, your program could be designed that once a player taps a townsfolk walking, the item shuffles again so that even the person they just tapped could now have the item. This would decrease the odds of acquiring the item in time before the dragon disappears, but, if the player does beat the odds, they get a really valuable ascension item… like trapping equipment, coat, e.t.c. Mainly the equipment items that are already difficult to acquire through normal channels of playing. You could even have it to where a certain amount of gems could be spent to activate the dragon in the sky on the spot. But, the dragon should at least make itself present at least once a day.

Thanks for listening ~ Alora :heart_eyes:

Interesting idea

Still not 100% sure how i feel about it, but cant have too many ascension mats :man_shrugging:


Thank you, @Rigs :grin::grin::grin:

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