Ascension items to have element color added

A suggestion because I had a really hard time until I found a chart on here showing me, could the element colour for three and four star items have the color added somewhere to the item so you know which item matches i.e. green needs shield and tonics.

You are right, all players in the beginning have trouble with this. I forgot how many months took me until I knew the element for all epic AM. Even if the player is lucky enough to pull some legendaries in the first months, is no way to see what they need until last ascension.

Perhaps not a colour added, but a description, like all farmable items have.


I agree, this could be an easy change. It’s a very easy update to make, but very important and useful to the players. Particularly the new players.


+1, I’m out of votes but this would be very helpful for many players, not only the newer ones.


I agree. Either the color the item is used for in the item description or a small icon on the picture in the color it is used for. Maybe the tile icon in a corner?

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Yeah my very first mystic vision i hit the jackpot on a set of darts but had no idea what they were used for until i found the forum. Be nice if there was a help page showing what items are needed for ascending heroes/costumes in game

Not a bad idea. It took me a few months before realizing that some 3* and 4* ascension mats were tied to specific elements like Trap Tools and Royal Tabards are hitched with Dark element.

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