Ascension Items, RNG or Actual Progress

Hey everyone,

My gripe/idea is about Ascension Items (AI).

I would like the idea that when you kill a Titan/Defeat 100 Monsters etc. Instead of getting such a random reward we could get a token that could be put towards an item. You would need a Specialist building that takes 2 slots and is unlocked at LVL 20? to trade this tokens into

A 3* AI could cost 10 tokens?
A 4* AI could cost 25 tokens?

This would allow people to have a light in the end of the tunnel instead of the randomness?


This sounds good, but would earning the tokens be completely random? I think it would best be split so that items like fine gloves and damascus blades would be a general token from monster chests - but the tomes could only be from tokens earned through raids. Elemental chests could have elemental tokens and the titan chest would be the only random token reward.

By breaking it down further those who need compasses and the like would be able to focus on monster chests… But the rare elemental ascension items would still take work to earn.

Also I think that 10 tokens for a compass is slightly undercutting the value. I would rather see it be 15 tokens for a 3* and keep it at 25 for a 4* ascension item

I would be up for that. It would allow me to get my Tome of Tactics seeing as about 4 per year drop in rare quests.

I think @Little_Infinity suggested something similar. Shards? Right?


Thanks for remembering @Fledoble

Indeed - pretty similar to the Shards idea. The main difference is that mine as originally stated was focussed on shards boosting the chance of good pulls as a reward for spend as opposed to just general gameplay. Guess there would be arguments of P2W vs F2P around this… but really I do like the idea of Shards in general. Some debate about whether they accrue from spend, or from general gameplay. I think I prefer the latter (i.e. @tjau1985’s approach) as I really like the concept of rewards arising from gameplay more than spend. But I proposed for spend because it makes good business sense for SG :slight_smile:

My original idea linked below.

maybe if it would be another but recurrent “mission”?

lets name it “opend 10 times titan-chest within same alliance”. so to push alliances again and closing out the allready big and jumpy mercenaries.

and instead of germs we earn a token to actually “buy” this one special item we needed that long to grow our hero…

all the ideas work :slight_smile:

we just the designers to pick one