Ascension items market idea - summon tokens for them

I’ve read a lot of posts about market for trading, and I see some problems when we allow players to interact / set prices / auction etc…

This whole game is a lot about luck - through summon tokens of various kind, I’ve thought that maybe something like that could be crammed into something-like-a-market. Since I don’t know numbers behind implemented rarity, all my numbers are just placeholders for illustration.

So, basic idea: we use market to sell ascension items to the computer. We get some tokens for that, and we summon ascension items and see if we got what we want.


  • It could be limited, like ‘trade every 4 hours’ or so, like we have various other flags. No posibillity to buy those flags, like we can’t buy war flags.

  • It should definitely be limited in terms of rarity of items, so for example that could be solved by having different tokens for different stars of items (using stars number to distinguish them would be completely ok, we don’t need whole set of new designs). Idea would be that you just can’t sell hundreds of cheap stuff in order to gamble and get high value item.

Of course, it would be obvious that item : token ratio shouldn’t be 1:1, because, we should work for it :smiley:

So for example, you need 10 x* items for 1 x* item token. (eg 10 x sharpening stone (2*), and you may get something else of same star value)

Of course, it could also be implemented that we can sell 50+ x* items and get 1 (x+1)* item token (eg 50x sharpening stone (2*) and then we buy a token which gives us chance to get 3* valued item like sturdy shield)
Of course, for 3 -> 4 star tokens exchange it would be really hard to gather 50 items, so that should probably be lowered.

  • Market could be either another shop, or a building.

In case of a building, it could behave like barracks, so can be built on top of some other building, which some stronghold level requirement eg something between 10 and 15, probably 15, because on 10 we get barracks, on 13 we get better train and then until 20 there’s nothing, so ideal place for 15 so we aim to that level faster.

In other case, levels of the building could be used to determine which levels of material can you sell / summon.

  • Another limitation could be that we’re only able to sell items that can’t be found on the map. In that case, definitely ratio should be lower than in my example above :slight_smile:

  • Also, summon tokens could be also gained in quests, events, wars, titan battles and similar…

I would like to emphasise: such tokens shouldn’t be ever possible to be just bought.

Mechanism behind tokens exist. Wish about having opportunity to get ascension item in some other way is definitely here. Maybe you can find a way to merge the two together :wink:

Edit: So, basically, which this approach you eliminate multi account factor, rich player who like to give gifts and similar. Also, since it can’t be bought, you preserve the game for everyone - we still have to work hard, just that we now have maybe a bit of higher chance… Indirectly, yes, this means more money to SGG, but in terms that players will probably be more hooked, and that means more active players and alliances which is always good :slight_smile:

Edit for mods: I put it in own topic, because I wasn’t sure if it should be in the big one where I’ve read that market idea is abandoned… sorry if it should go there, in that case, can you please move it there, I can’t now, as far as I can see…