Ascension items, lack of – are there fewer than there used to be?

Is it me or are there less Ascension items than there used to be? Such as gloves, zero in over a month and trap tools, one in the same time period. I’ve been doing every quest, war anything that comes up and nothing.

If you finish every quest like you said you MUST get some AM in February. Rare quest (1 or 2 already) and Wonderland should ave you some AM.

I’ve only been playing since oct 27 2018. Clan mates often reminisce of prior updates where they feel mat drops were better. I can’t say really.

But in the time span I’ve been playing, I’ve acquired enough mats to max 20 4*, 3 level 3/70 5*, and 3 max 5*.

I’ve still enough mats to max (4*) 4 reds, 1 holy, 2 darks, 1 nature, and 1 ice.

So if they were better than this previously, I reeeaaally missed out. I will say, I’ve not gotten a single Tome drop to date. But, that’s RNG for ya.

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