Ascension Items Idea


There is much dissatisfaction with the ascension item drops, and I somewhat understand why. Many times what we get is not what we need at that time.

So what if the player was given a little control over it… what if the drop rates for rare items stayed the same but the player got to choose which ascension items to get from a small list of options provided by the game?

Ex: For a given loot I get three 1* and one 3* items. For the three 1* the player could choose from either adventurer’s kit, practice sword, or wooden shield (all three of one kind or mixed). For the one 3* the player could choose from either orb of magic, trap tools, or fine gloves.

I think players can appreciate having some say in what items they get and now some of the finger-pointing could be directed at the player as now partly responsible for what item they got. People tend to complain less when they have a part in it.

This is a 4am idea so I my brain isn’t fully functional yet so apologies if I’m not making sense…any thoughts?


I’d rather have a converted building, that takes X amount of food and iron +ingredients and produces every 2 or 3 days with chance of ascension material.


I like the idea. Not sure what is involved in actually making it happen though…