Ascension items for 4* & 5* hero’s

I have been sitting on a 5* hero/lvl 70 for over a month yet can’t get ascension items to lvl the hero. Same issue with some 4* hero’s! I have been a loyal daily player since I started this game & I do spend hard earned $$ on it yet I’m approaching a standstill. Help? Suggestions? Please don’t recommend I use gems on features items where it’s only a guarantee to get 2 items, the items I need aren’t even shown in them!!! I’m becoming disillusioned the further I get in this game, will I ever get what I need or has SG moved onto emblems & ignored the need for ascension items? Oh & don’t even get me started on special quests for emblems because if you can’t beat the levels (4,000, really???) then you get nothing!!!


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