Ascension Items Exchange

Maybe create a shop or something like that where someone can exchange an ascension item whith another one similar (3star for 3star , 4star for 4star). It would make hero ascension a lot faster at least for the not so powerfull Alliances that they can not win LvL10+ titans and they win these items very rarely!
I understand that they HAVE to be rare so that they have to be appreciated when are given fron the system so i am not asking to give them more frequently although this would be great too!!!
Just consider the possibility of creating one.You can even create this shop in every Alliance so that only members can exchange (a good reason to join one too).
But to make it more justice you have to put some restrictions.The more powerfull the Alliance the less exchanges possible every month and for someone to be able to participate in those exchanges he has to be a member of the Alliance for at least a month or two (these way you can provent any monkey business!!!)
I think i got it covered…If someone has anything alse to add to improve the concept please feel free to.
Thank You.

Hi @SerTakis and welcome to the forum!

Trading between players is one of the most frequently suggested new features, here are the two most popular threads:
Alliance / Clan members should be able to trade materials and heroes
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Because new ideas heavily rely on player votes, it’s better to keep one thread per idea so votes aren’t watered down.

@Garanwyn @Rook @zephyr1 @Kerridoc merge?


This and also the alchemy lab is already on tests to be released soon, related to the first part of OP

Purposal here!

Beta version here.


I think @Rfm and @grzechol have given good coverage of many of the existing threads, so I’ll close this as a duplicate. Please continue discussion and voting in any of the threads above. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


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