Ascension Items Concerns- 4* rarity/ RNG

I don’t agree that mats should be available to buy from the gem store. I am a spender myself. Not as much as some but more than most. I’ve been playing since last June? and just now ascended my first 5 star with two more on the way. I will say it would be nice if mats dropped more frequently and it does feel as though the elemental chests have been nerfed. Although I have no evidence to prove this.

If mats were available to purchase in the store new players would literally buy their way to the top and this is not how the game is set up to be. Players that pay have slight advantage now and they offer special deals with mats often enough I believe. You brought up food and feeders. Trust when I say I have talked to big spenders that would gladly buy enough summons to get feeders and pay gems to refill their food if mats were available to buy in the store.

The only solution I see is a request to increase mats gained through game play. This benefits the whole community and possibly the p2p more as they will actually have the heroes to spend the mats on. I believe there is already a thread in the ideas/suggestions area. If not you should create one.

Above all the game is meant to be used as a fun pass time. If you were able to fully level a 5 star team in under 6 months, to me at least, it would take away the sense of accomplishment. I feel like I will appreciate my fully maxed 5 star team more because I have put in a great amount of time to get them leveled.

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9 months now. And yes, getting 3 4 star MATS is very rare. But my point was more that 4 star mats do drop, and the more rolls, the better the chance of getting them.

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Of course you can get 4/70 in 3 months, never said otherwise. But 5* 4/* not likely. That team should get you a damascus blade, and a Tome every 2 months.

Here is some of my 4* loot

9/24 mysterious tonic 6* A
10/3 Telescope 5* A
10/18 Tome Mystic vision
10/20 Tome Mystic Vision
11/11 tonic Platinum chest
12/13 tabard fire chest
1/3 rings Mystic vision

From quests
8/20 damascus farholme
9/24 tome farholme
10/16 damascus farholme
11/12 tome farholme
12/9 damascus farholme
next week tome farholme

You are 3 months in, quit whining.

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This sounds like a great idea. I didn’t know about the forum, sites like 7dd, discord and Line when I first started. I wasted feeders on two 5 stars I may never take to 80. Maybe an idea should be created to edit the introduction tutorial or add an info icon on the heroes that show all the materials needed for each ascension. There are already great graphics made by players. I’m sure those players would be honored for them to be added in game to assist new players.

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I really like your statement Alyssa. I agree that you should not be able to jump to the top. And I do agree with a higher drop rate all around specially with the titans and chest loot. But even adding some of them to world loot here and there randomly at an absurd drop rate would be better than nothing.

This is what really drives me crazy though. Why sell a 5* to a brand new player on a summons draw or even a 4* without telling them how to get to the top of that hero. So I can own a 6 team roster of 5* heroes but can only ever ascend them to level 2. The drop rates from TC20, summons portal, and ascension materials needs a lot better balance.

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==3* versus 4* ascension items ==


Rough cost:

Rough rarity:

==Class Update==

Devs say there are plans for ten classes. Given how RNG works, you will not have an even distribution of items needed to level each class.

In Empires there are substantial more 5* heroes than 4* heroes. So there are more 5* heroes in each class requiring items.

Rumors suggest it will take more items to level a hero to 5*+20 then 4*+20.

While 4* ascension items will continue to be a paywall, there is about to be another choke point besides yearly Hero XP from camps.

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Broken skipping record on the turntable.

Move the needle.

@Wad You the one suggested I did not have the ability. I clearly do have the ability. How is that whining? This game is meant to be more PVE then PVP so what is the purpose of even trying to compete? So why would it not be fair? I think your the one who is whining. Unless your in the top 100 your unnoticed and even the top 100 are fluctuating so much you wouldn’t know who they were unless you play with them. If I pay… I have a right to complain about getting a 5* that I did NOT know I couldn’t ascend. I paid for something I didn’t want to wait for. It’s that simple. And clearly they did NOT tell me anything about it.

And again you read something others didn’t write, I have never mentioned your abilities.

But all you are repeating is you bought something without understanding that you can’t max it out even with buying. It’s gonna take you as long as everyone else.

Now you know you were wrong with that assumption, big deal, move on, it isn’t going to change.

What am I whining about?

I give zero concern about top 100, you apparently do? Good luck getting there.

I guess I’m a little surprised at why you didn’t do any asking or investigating before handing over a chunk of cash to Small Giant in exchange for a chance at some heroes. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a car and then, once you got it, start asking questions about how you drive it or how you find fuel for it, would you?

The forums have lots of information on subjects like this, and lots of people who enjoy helping new players and explaining how things work.

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You are right I should of investigated more. But I honestly didn’t realize there was a lot to learn in this game. When I started playing this game it looked very straight forward to the point. Gem game should not be this complex. Perhaps that is why I didn’t really think much of it.

Once again I did not know anything about forums until I purchased so I was based on what I could see in the game.

They definitely ought to make the in-game link to the forums more prominent. Even just doing that would help a lot of people, undoubtedly.


I’ve switched to upgrading my TCs to TC20 until I can get a damascus blade. Blades have been quite lacking outside of offers and farholme lately. :frowning:

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This is you saying my ability is I cannot do it. I just proved you I could.

I stated I didnt do insane spending.

I’ve found with my very-C2P alt (hitting 9* and 10* like you) that the mat rate is closely balanced to my summons rate. If I had a couple more gloves I’d have a few more 4* heroes.

In my main account, hitting 12* titans, it’s not the mats but the feeders that are the primary bottleneck. That’s one reason I’m such a fan of matched-color training: otherwise, I’m wasting the 20% xp bonus on the feeders. Admittedly on this account I buy nearly every offer.


I really don’ have it on a spreadsheet or nothing and I probably should start. So the extremely slow pace could really be keeping up with the TC20 and I could be eating my own words here. I highly agree color sorting feeders as well. But I feel like the balanced is definately tipped into the favor of luck more then patience.

I have the same problem as a new player. My decision was to stop any summon and just level heroes now. To max first 5* hero will probably take me one more month and to max one of each color probably more than a year (not talking about all 5* heroes I have - that will take much more than a year).

But I don´t think that it´s a good situation for SG as I will only spend on packs, but not on heroes anymore. Still I can live with that and I enjoy the game…

You are losing me ABCTeapot?

What did you prove you could do that I said you couldn’t?

And I never said you were an insane spender.

You are 3 months, you should have several 4s maxed by now and winning 5th lvl rare quests with the team you showed us so that you can get the loot to lvl some 5 in the next 6 months.

Good luck.

I track all my non-farmable AM and TC20 results on my phone using samsung notes.

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I am currently ascending 5*s only to find out I can’ t finish final ascension. I hope you are right with the next 6 months i’m looking forward to being wrong. Seems to me something might be changing soon with the Alchemy lab anyways. There is a good possibility this thread is resolved before I know it.

The random number generator is a cruel mistress, so I have no guarantees to offer you. I certainly hope things turn around for you too, though. Most people get the mats they need before they die of old age :slightly_smiling_face:


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