Ascension Items Concerns- 4* rarity/ RNG

I am getting straight to the point. There is no reason to sell 5 star heroes if you cannot ascend them in a timely fashion. I would not even know how to ascend them until leveling them up. Have been playing for 3 months and have yet to see a Damascus blade outside of purchase. And I have another alliance buddy who has been playing 8 months who has only had 1 - 5* leveled. So how is this fair legit in anyway to sell something that you cant utilize? Better yet why even have a TC20 who has 5* heroes if you cant get the ascension items to use them. You get more 5* heroes then you can actually level up. This is plain stupid no other way to put it. Cant buy them. Can’t earn them. How do you get them? I would really like answers.

The only people who have ascended 80’s and enough of them to be worth a crap were playing in 2017 plain and simple. That is 100% not fair specially to someone who pays to play. You will 100% be losing my business in next 30 days if something doesn’t happen to correct these issues.


I know you probably wont say this is an issue or a bug. But nobody is taking this seriously on the developer side. It needs to be fixed ASAP. This is problematic for the gamer and the developer. So this is a big issue for everyone who plays this game on a daily basis who started in mid 2018…


Just to ask what might be a silly question…do you mean other than the ones that are available every 2 months in the Farholme Pass Rare Quest? It just seems like both of you should have seen more than 1 between you by now.

I can understand if your frustration is them not dropping in titan and chest loot more often, but at the least you’re presumably getting the ones that are guaranteed loot from that quest, I assume. Right?


But your misguiding my argument. My argument is you shouldn’t be charging for hero summons then turn around and have to wait 2 months to level a 5* up. You get more 5*s from TC20 then you get Damascus blades every 2 months. That is where I am going with this problem.

If I am available to purchase unlimited 5* heroes. I should be able to purchase unlimited ascension materials as well. What is the purpose of selling something to someone if they cannot use it? And honestly I would have not dropped a dime on this game if I would have known this from the start. I would have already quit. The only thing stopping me now is my current investment and a hope they will listen.

Got it. Fair enough. Plenty of similar complaints on the forum, and extensive discussion about this topic. I won’t try to rehash it all here.

I just wanted to make sure you weren’t missing out on the quest mats — but I understand now that your frustration is that you can’t buy mats whenever you want.

I encourage you to search the forum for similar threads, there are plenty where you could add your voice.



My frustrations are choppy sorry that I wasn’t more clear on my text. What I truly meant to say was my alliance mate has only 1 max 5* … Damascus is only 1 ascension item of many needed to complete a 5 star hero. Thank you for your input .At least someone has the courtesy to try and help out :).

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Actually, you cannot purchase unlimited 5* heroes… you can purchase gems and, if you are lucky, you might pull one or more 5* heroes.
I think your problem is that you don’t understand the idea behind this game. It isn’t P2W. People that pay - might - have an advantage. But it is not intended that they can just buy their way to the top - or just buy their way to a fully ascended team of 5* heroes.
And at 3 months in… well, honestly, you are just at the beginning. If you don’t like the long haul, maybe this isn’t the game for you.
I am not being cynical or anything… I’ve been playing for 18 months. In time, if you grind and build your roster slowly - 4* are much easier and cheaper to level - you will gain the ascension materials.


Another place to get unfarmable ascension mats is when you do Atlantis summons. For every 10 heros you summon you get a chest with them.
I’ve been playing 5 months and have enough mats almost to bring a full rainbow of 5* up.
I’ve also already fully leveled a full rainbow team with mats to fully level almost another full rainbow of 4* on top of those 5*.
My only bottleneck is gloves. Although an offer just popped up with gloves. How enticing when i need them…


Yes, this is actually genius but typically your still going to end up with more heroes then ascension mats… So they are forcing you to use these heroes as food. Regardless of how you look at it. This is probably the best way of gaining ascension materials though I do agree. Still should be fixed on Small Games or Zyngas end because your purchasing something which is not making sense if they want to pool up a bunch of 3* heroes maybe they should just let you pull for trainer heroes.

3 month players should understand that they shouldn’t even be trying to ascend any 5*. You want 4* and those can get to 3/60 without any difficult AM. And you will with some luck got them to 4/* and then begin to be able to get all those 4* almost weekly frostmarch, farholme pass, etc. materials. Beating 5th lvl on all rare quests gives you enough AM for a Rainbow 5* team in a year alone and there are lots more opportunities.

Striving to get 5* early in the game is a big mistake. I got my first 5* Thorne in the first few weeks, wasted food getting him to 2/60, found him weak and after 10 months he is still 2/60 and I have around 20 maxed 4* and 4 maxed 5* and finally enough AM to move up more 5* as they slowly arrive in TC20.

Your expectation is just wrong, no one will level 5* before 6+ months without insane spending.


@Witch My argument to you is simple. In 2016 & 2017 ascension mats dropped like crazy with titans. Now 2018 & 2019 as we may speak has been nerfed and only reason I know this is because I play with a sub to a guy who plays with a top tier alliance. So in the past this isn’t true they have an advantage that was not even a purchase. That is how the MERC thing had started.

Now the second part of my argument is obviously its not p2w. That is obvious because you need food to train up every hero that you gain from summons. So you dont climb to the top in 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or even a month on most cases. But when you have to do that and then sit on those for a month or 2 months or 3 months then it becomes a problem. So how do you figure this is even my problem?

@Wad Screenshot_20190105-100808_Empires

Yeah I think I get that. Let me ask you this. Why do Damascus Blade and the Tome of Tactics say they drop in Titan Battles? When was the last time you received one because we have been dropping 9* and 10* titans for quite some time and I have yet to see one.

Obviously I understood that as i play with a lot of veterans that have been playing over a year. So its clearly possible to have these 70s and 60s and still be 3 months in. Your underestimating ability here.

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I am also in Diamond Tier Raiding not getting crap from those chests either. I think the only way you get these blades is how zephyr1 has stated, purchasing them or the war loot chests which is gambling once again. And yes I got the 5* heroes im talking about that I would like to ascend to get to the next level and cant. And I would love to do more pulls and try to get more heroes but why get a pool of HOTM and stuff that I cant utilize and use down the road.

Mats are more common and available through purchase now than they were in 2017. Go back and read 2017 threads that put the work in to get the game this far.

I started in september 2017. Didnt max any 5s until spring of 2018.

Have 12 maxed 5* with enough mats to max 7 more except i only have 3 tomes.

Staying stable in 1 alliance
Consistently killing titans and winning wars
Filling every chest you possibly can
Completing all events and rare quests
Watching mystic vision as often as you can

And just actively playing the game gains you the mats you need, just not overnight. The mat drop rate and balance right now is pretty solid, purchases are too readily available in my opinion, but not over the top enough to start a thread.

Took @Xero786 5 months to max his first 5* and he had to sweep an event to do it

It sounds like you and your friend are right on course in my opinion

At the end of the day, i encourage you to keep playing, spend what you’re comfortable with, but if you leave in a tantrum, it doesnt effect devs. There’s a reason they don’t negotiate with every player that wants to rage quit, it would open a door to abuse and make them a door mat.

Mats are fine.


They will come sooner or later, this is not a sprint, it´s a marathon.

@Rigs Never once did I state rage quitting. Once again you are misreading. I stated im done supporting the game financially. And yes that should be a problem for the devs because they shouldn’t want to drive off p2p players.


They dont drive off spenders

Spenders drive themselves off(myself included) with unrealistic expectations

Not looking to combat you or spend all day arguing this. Just said what should be said. Do with it what you will. Will be muting the thread, busy day for me as it is.

Best of luck in whichever decision you make

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As @Kerridoc is fond of pointing out, spending money in this game doesn’t accelerate your rate of hero ascension a whole lot. What it does is increase the chances that the heroes you’re ascending are very good. Unless you’re willing to drop a ton of coin on every AM deal that comes along, it’s just flat going to take time to ascend those heroes.

That said, if you have a backlog of good 5* waiting to ascend, it sounds like a really smart idea to save your money and be very, very picky about what you pull for.


I feel your pain, I think what many new players need to understand, the building of your sh /city is the main objective in first 6 months, hero’s are great but unless your city is lvled they are just pretty cards to look at, because you lack the mats /feeders/ and food to lvl 5* hero’s

I started playing on 31st of Aug 2018, so basically I’m 4 months in, I have 7 tonics 6 darts 7 scopes 6rings 1 tabard 3 dam blades 4 tomes 0 gloves 13 hid blades 3 orbs 9 capes 11 shields 3 tools 100’s of boots chain mail and scabbards

I’ve purchased 0 mats and only 2standard vip 1 rudolp deals, so all my mats are from chests quests and events,

My ciyy is sh 20 tc 20 19 11 11 wt 12 farms all lvl 16 going to 17 forge 12 iron stores 18 food stores 12 houses 8 and I still don’t fill ready to lvl a 5*… So a bit of patience and mats do drop, so the question is are you ready to wait 6months or is it time to bail? I’m in for the longhaul so very happy with my progress


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