Ascension Items Assignment

Slightly different than your usual topics complaining about lack of ascension items.

If the yellow heroes are considered the Holy Element, that symbolizes light and justice, how come their final ascension items are Poison Darts? The same thing goes with the purple heroes whose alignments are Dark and for the most part evil, their final ascension item is the Royal Tabard?

Shouldn’t these two be switched around?

Yes - agree. Too late though :stuck_out_tongue:

Just because royalty in our world wanted the blessing of the pope upon coronation doesn’t mean it needs to work that way in the game. I like the idea that only the corpses of important people hang out in the land of the living, so undead kings of old could still wear these tabards. Tyrum is just too weak to keep obakans dirty hands off them.

Also, poisons aren’t only an assassination tool. Holy water is poisonous to undead when you think about it. This one is harder to defend lol, just saying conventional wisdom is for the real world…

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Fair enough.

Although I don’t think the developers had Holy Water being poisonous to evil/undead when they came up with the item. Even if they are, holy water aren’t going to be poisonous to the red/blue/green heroes, it might heal them, in fact.

I honestly thought that was just an oops moment. One way to rectify this is to put out an update that swaps all Poison Darts and Royal Tabards with each other, change the Ascension items needed for the Holy/Dark Heroes, and revise the loots for the rare quests.

Actually, now that I put that into context, it’s beginning to sound like a lot of work.

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Maybe it was the poison darts that made those heroes dark in the first place, as for the Royal Tabards history has many examples of really dark royalty. Mary queen of Scotts, Countess Elizabeth Báthory, King Henry VIII, Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Genghis Khan, Caligula… The list can go on and on…

*** Edit: I think poison darts are an excellent weapon for holy heroes to use against the dark royalty.

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I just assumed that they were trophies collected from vanquished heroes of the opposing element


Your assessment could also be correct. Two sides of a coin. Three sides to the story, but we will never know what is going on in the devs heads, so we speculate and make our own side up.

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Ah yes, what better way to “ascend” one self when you have vanquished those whose views opposes yours and you have in turn collected what they left behind as reliquaries?

My thought of thinking was simply that Holy heroes will probably resort to something less sinister/devious to defeat their opponents, namely holy water, divine light, and nothing really under the table, and the dark is more like all’s fair in love and war and anything goes as long as victory is achieved.

Holy and Dark elements are opposite of each other in this game in that they are strong against each other. So the trophy from defeated foes theory would work.

For the other 3 elements, since they form a triangle, are you the opposing element for the element you are strong against or weak against? Blue -> Red -> Green -> Blue again.

My thought process in the ones currently for the other colors are that they are generally fine as they are.

Green (Sturdy Shield and Msterious Tonic) - The shield is made up of wood, and Mystic Tonic for magicians / elves / woodland spirits (mixture of ingredients found in ancient, deep forested woods).

Blue (Warm Cape and Farseeing Telescope) - When you are training grounds is in the icy north, warm clothing is a no brainer. As for Telescope, the ice and snow kind of make things harder to see, so a telescope is needed so one can spot impending icebergs or other forms of dangers.

Red (Hidden Blade and Mystic Rings) - Honestly, I could see Hidden Blade being a weapon slightly towards dark because it is hidden until surfaced, but Trap Tools is already a pretty good one for the dark and hidden blade, though cane seem underhanded, can save the life of the wielder in the last minute. Mystic Rings I had thought would be perfect for magician heroes, but since the ascension is dived in categories by element, not character and there are already some magician type fire characters, I guess it can still go here.