Ascension Items are too Rare

2 months og patience is not enough in Tvis one you need to have more :grin::grin::grin:

Wow , you are good, we succeeded with our first 6* first time Yesterday May be you guys Can hjælp is with ours :grin::grin::grin: you Can finde me on Discord “ Devine#8450” or join our alliance if you want to​:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

I dont Think she was right about the reason she Got 2 HOTM . I would be very …ed as Well if i was in your place.
I Got 3 HOTM once and 2 last month and I cant explain why. The one I really wanted I didnt get.
So dont use energy on such person.
We had a member who loved yo brag about his loots was making everyone mad and disappointed they wanted to quit the game because of his constant luck . Now he is out of our alliance everybody are happy

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That person must have spent seriously big bucks.

When showing loot tables, the game likes to pretend all the things in one category have roughly the same value. I mean, it’s what a new player would expect, right?
When they see this: image ,
it looks fairly straightforward: 2% to get a great item, 98% to get a good item. Except what they don’t know is that out of those 98%, there is a certain percentage of actual valuable things, and another - of what is perceived by anyone playing for more than a few months as a steaming pile of crap.

How about we don’t hide behind an arbitrary term like “3* ascension material” that will still make us separate between the two kinds in features like the alchemy lab?
Why not split those into farmable 3* materials, unfarmable 4* materials (capes, blades etc. used for 4* heroes) and unfarmable 5* materials (current 4* mats)?
This would make the loot tables much more honest and solve another problem:

Frustrating loot.

How many times do people open a chest with supposedly “great” rewards, and with a small visual fanfare receive an orichalcum nugget, a scabbard and a chainmail shirt? How many times do people get the same result by getting an A+ result on a 12* rare titan?

No one is falling for this trick, game, nobody counts a meteor fragment or tall boots as a decent substitution for unfarmable mats. Separate these, let the player know they just didn’t roll anything good. Be honest!

For what it’s worth, I’d propose to eliminate crafting mats from the elemental/war chest loot tables. Getting a single nugget feels like more of a slap to the face than getting one less item in drop.


You aren’t alone :slight_smile: I merged your post into a topic, full of players who have suggested to make the unfarmable ascension materials more common.

4* Ascension items are way too uncommon from what I hear at the new building won’t be that helpful with this problem I have a lot of 5 stars that just don’t get leveled because of Ascension parts are hard to come across even with a good score on 10 to 12 star Titan which I have had countless times and Titan chest are even worse it makes no sense make the heroes super hard to get and then make the things to level them even harder to find they should double the drop rates on four star Ascension items and that’s at the very minimum I’m sure someone will say the opposite for some reason just for the argument sake or to troll but honestly four star drop rates are a joke empire and puzzles already mixed the heroes hard enough to get costumes another random item to get to put on a random hero that you might get and the random Ascension item it actually got worse they’ve nerfed the drop rates for some reason on everything over the last 3 or 4 months I never see coins anymore troop or hero

For free and low-budget players who have been playing actively for more than one or even two years, ascension items eventually become a minor problem (3* stuff like warm capes, orbs etc. will even be available in abundance). Once you have trained or summoned most of the trainable 5* heroes, it takes ages to get either a new 5* or a 5* that is worth levelling a second time.

I know several players who could fully ascend two or even three 5* heroes and up to ten and more 4* heroes in three or four colours if they only had heroes worth it (and yes, they might already have their two Liannas or four Grimms maxed).

To be honest, I would rather have to wait for my last telescope or damascus blade to choose whether I should level up Ariel, Miki or Alasie than to sit on 22 farscopes with Thorne #2 and #3 being my only available options…


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