Ascension Items and Titans

Sorry, because this is probably the most repeated issue.
I’ve read the explanation of how ascension items are distributed after defeating a Titan and it’s, at least, unfair. See Coppersky’s Compendium Topic for more information.
I think that assuring that at least n-stars Titan will provided n ascencion items distributed at random but taking into account the damage inflicted to the ■■■án would increase the motivation of belonging to a Top Alliance.
I’ve made 150k damage to a 5-Star Titan and I didn’t get even get a 3 Star object. I don’t mind much if at least some of my fellows get 3-Star ascencion objects.
PD: One of them reported he got one shield. That’s all.


On the last 5 star titan I received nothing but one star ingredients items I could farm from the first providence. I have not received a three star item from a titan in the last six Titans. If I go back one more, I received one three star “fine steel”.

It is not that I can’t use the crypt mushrooms but how many Training manuals and rugged cloths do I need?

I now have five heroes stuck for the lack of items. One is at three months and still needs three Warm Capes. Another needs three Orbs of Magic. hey don’t drop anywhere but Titan Drops and Special Missions. And of course to get them I need to level up to get strong enough, except I can’t level without them. Catch 22 for sure. :pensive:


Yep we all seem to be having issues with getting the right ascension items to ascend our heroes. I have 2 stuck for over a mth. Stuck at level 21 as without those 2 being ascended i.havent been able to get past 21-4…
the items NEVER get given. And once in a blue moon they appear in ascension pkgs u can pay to have but the items are not guaranteed yiu only have a chance to get them…i dont mind spending a few bucks but when you have to spend more than 2-3.00 for a "chance at what you need" its not worth it. It is sad because the game itself is a great concept but it is poorly set up and unreasonable for people to keep being motivated to play let alone pay to play. Whats worse is the devs dont seem to be listening to what their players are telling them. That or they just dont care. Guess they will care when they innevitably end up losing their profitability by not giving a little to get more in the long run. I only stay to play because my alliance membrs are great ppl. The game well as much as I loved it its dragging so much now that im just about over it. I had spent money b4 but wont again. The costs are just too high and the gems needed for anything is also way out there. Ugh. What ya gonna do when the devs have gotten too greedy...sad they dont see thats gonna be their downfall. I had high hopes fir this game to im unsure of where it will end up...sooo many screw ups in it now. From unattainable ascension items, high cost of otems/pkgs/ gem purchases, to the raids making absolutely no sense anymore cause teams wirh way less power are defeating teams with a lot more power, not to mention the outrageoys amount of trophies they take compared to what you get back. Before all these messed up updates raids were won 75 % of the time against weaker teams, and 50/50 shot at taking a higher powered team. Now ur screwed if their stronger screwed if their maybe 1 in every 20 raids against weaker opponents and maybe 1 in ever 75 against stronger is that fair? What odd system are they using cause its messed up! To buildings taking an eternity to complete and the cost to not wait being roughly 15-30 in real money!!! Crazy crazy crazy!!!

I totally agree about the ascension items being so difficult to get. They can solve this issue by allow people to buy what ascension items they want with gems, or if they want casino style take out all the crappy items and just have ascension items like capes, compasses, gloves, orbs, etc and have them at equal chance of getting. People will definitely spend gems for that. Now people are spend money on these ascension packages and getting crap they can get from battles.

As for the RAID system I think it works just fine. If you winning 1 out of 20 vs weaker players or 1 out of 75 vs stronger players than there is something wrong with your team or your skills in matching. I win 90-95% of my raids vs weaker players and 70-80% vs stronger. Usually the starting board will dictate how well I do and if I get a few lucky cascades or not. The RAID system has no issues other than cup distribution but I don’t really care about cups much anyways.

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I have two questions that maybe you could shed some light on. Thank you in advance!
I need a pair of fine gloves to ascend my hero for their last push to 70. Will the new Titan points system “punish” me because I am in a guild with 3 active members? We are on 1,2* and an occassional 3*. Will I ever get gloves off of a low titan?

you will have a very low, but not zero, chance of getting non-farmable items from titans that low. My sons are in the 2-4* titan range because they aren’t on regularly and they’ve gotten 1-2 non-farmables in 3 months (their alliance also only kills 50% of the titans).

If you’re looking to increase your titan loot, you and the active members of your alliance will need to move on if there are only 3 of you.

Thanks for the quick tesponse. Yes, I have thought about leaving for those reasons. Can we recruit if our leader is MIA?

If it is an open alliance then yes. If there are requirements or if it’s invite only, it depends.

I. have no clue. I think I asked about it and got invited. I don’t remember. But three of us are active and attacking titans. So we aren’t getting anywhere fast. Also it looks like we are filled up but everyone is not on in a while including our leader.

In 146 1 and 2* titans, I got only one 3* ascension item - fine gloves. The possibility exists to get them from titan kills at basic level, but it’s very low probability.
I have gotten them out of the titan chest more often though.

@Stilllearning - we are fighting 7/8* and have one slot, if you wanted to join us - and if there are only 3 of you we have some dead-ish weight we could cut, just someone hitting once a week is better than no one hitting at all! We see a decent level of ascension items consistent with these titan levels.

If most of your alliance is not playing anymore, including leader and co-leaders, you’re better off leaving and finding an active alliance. There’s no way to kick those players if they’ve stopped playing and finding a home for 3 active players will be much easier than trying to get 27 to join you.

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It is so stinking frustrating.
We, my teammates and I, have been needing certain Ascension items. For weeks have gotten nothing out of our Titan battles and Titan chest. Then a Merc walks in and walks away with two items that my teammates and I have been needing. ■■■

Do we need to have those heros equiped in order to receive any items for them?

No, it’s totally RNG.

I am fairly certain the Merc who “just walked in” was invited to help you kill your titan. Please don’t dis the Merc for the wierdness of the RNG.

There’s no predetermined set of loot for each titan, he hasn’t walked in and stole anything that was previously assigned to any of you. He just got lucky rolls.

There’s also a chance that he was just lying.

Oh, i am sorry, my wording was wrong.
I am not upset with the merc. Mercs are needed at times.
I was giving an example.
To say, their one or 2 hits do not put them in the grade. “A” rating
Yet they walk out with Ascension items.
(Again, not upset with that) just looking for theories.

I do not feel that the merc stole anything.
Giving an example of
Ranking, they can not make it to grade “A” with a few 1 or 2 hits.
My example is tgat the Mercs tend to play the hero that is need of the Ascension

Oh ok, I’m with you now.

Still, it’s all random, some people just seem to have all the luck, others have to go for weeks without getting anything. We have several members in my alliance going crazy, they do their best and their loot doesn’t reflect it

Yes Mantis, in mine as well.
I was trying to establish a mathmatical percentage to increase chances. Since the previous upgrade (not this last one) Ascension items have been few and far between more so now than previous.