Ascension item taken away instead of new one added

I just finished playing shrikewood and on the last level I was supposed to acquire a mysterious tonic. I have been waiting months to acquire this item, as I need 2 more to take Lianna to her last ascension. I just looked at Lianna after I completed shrikewood and was dismayed to see that not only was a mysterious tonic not added to my inventory, but 1 was actually taken away.
I have looked everywhere to find a place to contact help via email and it seems that that ability has been removed and now players are only referred to the forum.
I hope that An admin will see this post and refer to the correct place to get my account fixed. Thank you.

  1. check your recent activity log. It is a log on all the activities taken on your account involving 3* and higher items (gathered from the server)

  2. click this hash-tag for instructions on creating a support ticket: #contact-support

This was not helpful. I feel like I am just chasing my tail and cannot find anyway to actually contact support. All of the links seem to just take me to community forums. I spend a lot of money on this game, this is not cool. HOW DO I CONTACT SOMEONE TO HELP ME?


Just go to the Support tab in the game. Then just select any random category and read a random FAQ article. At the end of the article just click “No” and the support chat will open up.


Thank you. I appreciate it

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@Guvnor Like I mentioned here, the support post with a bunch of links is not helpful. You need to spell it out like the above screenshot.
The exact answer needs to be presented directly, like a slap to the face, not by traversing the rabbit-hole.

Just sayin’.

I always figured that the instructions are pretty explicit. Screenshot from the instructions you get:



nvm, what was I thinking?


See clear as! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that you’ve found it you can also use it to make a suggestion to include your pictogram in their instructions if you wish :slight_smile:


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