Ascension item choice from Rare Quests

I think it would be awesome if you had the choice of ascension items from a quest. example… beat the second hardest level of a quest you get choice of 3 star ascension item, beat hardest level choice of 4 star ascension item.

Maybe they will fix alchemy lab so you can choose your item :sweat_smile:

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Isn’t this the point of say frostmarch that’s on now? :woman_shrugging:

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Um no. Unless you somehow have the ability to choose if you want a Cape, shield, orb, ect. Cuz I sure I don’t

This is why they do the quest to get said items? You have a chance to get mats from them. Everyone in the same boat when free mats are available


I don’t think you understand what choice means. I fully understand you can wait till a certain event happens like the frost match and get your Cape and and telescope. It would be awesome if on one of the events they gave you the CHOICE!!

Just mediating here & not contributing either direction:

I think that @Dudeious.Maximus understands what you are wanting from this request; I believe he is just debating the NEED for being able to choose as they all roll-around eventually.

The argument that @RAMROCK I believe is making is that RNG is streaky & doesn’t end up with (in a small sample pool) giving an even distribution of either Ascension Items… Or Heroes for that matter… And as such it would be nice to be able to even out that streakiness by being able to select the materials you earn & hence be able to ascend what you got/ fill in the gaps of what hasn’t dropped randomly via other loot sources.


I’ll throw out a similar idea to yours that I’ve discussed with friends in the past. They should add another rare quest to the rotation where you’re able to select whichever of the 7 3*/4* mats you want. Now there will be 8 quests (the original 7 + the choice quest) so you’ll be able to gather whatever mat you’re trying to collect a little faster.


Correct. Say every 7th event pick a 3 star pick 4 star

I like your idea also

I like how you can’t even TYPE that with a straight face :joy:

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I understand choice but this won’t happen, end of really as the quests are available for mats :woman_shrugging: Better than nothing. Plus they do a deal to choose a said mat already with gems and other stuff which they would like you to buy! :wink:

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