Ascension item chests

I didint say it’s a bad thing, I said getting 2 crafting items out of 3 spots which I can get with 6 world energy is a joke

But it looks like you’re running out of things to say so I’m guessing you’re gonna complain about me complaining or tell me to leave

I’ll take the items too. Especially dragon bones or nuggets. Their drop rates farming are worse than trying to pull a 5. If I get 2 if those and an ascension item do be it. I run single color teams so time stops and tornados are very important to me.

The release notes say that “Atlantis Summon is available for limited time each month.” Does the required 10 pulls cross these “monthly availability periods”, or do all 10 pulls have to happen in one?

You are able to fill a certain number of chests each month. A partially filled chest will roll over to the next monthly cycle for the Atlantis summons.

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I hope there will be mystery tonic, haven’t gotten any since they first came out, starting to think they forgot that we need these to ascend certain Heroes.

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So who’s willing to take one for the team and do a 30x summon, record it using du recorder, and post the results?

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I will. I’m curious…

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Tall order… :wink:

20 blah, blah, blah

I’m expecting my usual. Crap. But the ascension chest is intriguing

You never know. I have pleasantly surprised a few times recently

I did in Beta…do those results count?

I got two 5*
Roughly ten Season 2 (3-4*)
Rest Season 1 (3-4*)

I was pleasantly pleased by 1) # of 4*, and 2) how few duplicates I got (I think only two sets).

The 5* were Leonidas and Horghall (I don’t have either, so I was pleased). :slight_smile:

I would be happy with that. I’ll try and post a video of the pulls and the ascension chest opening.

Was that a 30 pull?

20 characters

What it says, 30 heros

So you’d be happy with spending 100$ and get no season 2 5 stars or heroes of the month lol

Only the ones who don’t get what they want are unhappy.

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Yep, and you don’t know what I will receive. It’s only 100.00. But You will get to see your ascension chest so you should be happy. Maybe in a year you can open one

And I have the HOTM already. Usually get those as soon as they come out

Plus I don’t need any more 5’s. 31 is enough. Will keep trying for HOTM though