Ascension item chests

So with the new ascension item chests coming, I have to ask,

Why the he** out of 3 spaces we have chances to get crafting materials

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What exactly is your question?

We have titans, we have alliance wars, we have mystic visions, we have raid chests, we have monster chests, we have titan chests, we have elemental chests, we have events, seasonal events and we have rare quests.

Thats 10 different places.

And I’m on purpose not counting any deals we can buy with money/gems.

And now we get one more possible source of ascension materials.


He’s talking about the new chests that will be available after doing 10 atlantis summons.

Crafting materials are something elese than ascension mats, at least for me. Crude iron, nugget etc…

It’s not a chance. Each chest is guaranteed to have 2 crafting materials and one ascension material.


Since you speak fluent “Angrish” can you translate the question to me? :slight_smile:


LMAO! you have to be kidding

He wants to know why does a craft item(oricalcum nugget, meteorite fragment, etc) have a chance to be dropped for one of the 3 loot spots in the new chest instead of all 3 being just ascension items.


where did you get this from? is it confirmed?

I guess there are not guaranteed on tier of materials as well…
So its like possible to get Metal Herb and Boots.

Great! Now I understand!

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Gentle reminder per SG not to share pics/videos from Beta. You can post images when Season 2 launches in 6+ days.

ohhhh what a junk :frowning:
I hope that they will change this only to epic unfarmable 4* stuff
whats the point to get tons of useless items like boots, scabbard etc again

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I think
1- 4* random acsension guaranteed
1- 3* random unfarmable acsension guaranteed
1- any rare/epic craft material
is pretty fair for that price


If you do a 30 pull do you get three chests or just one?

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each 10 pull new chest.
u make 30x pull u got 3 chests to open


They’re going to print double the money they’re printing now next week.

Isn’t this Beta content? Where is this from?

It’s another chest we weren’t getting before.
If it were just “for every 10 summons you get one free 3/4* ascension item” and nothing else, you wouldn’t be whining. But because you see a space for crafting material as well, here you are.


It’s another place to get a good ascension item guaranteed. What more do you want?

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Another source for these ascension mats sounds good to me, in particular a guaranteed one. Sure, guaranteed 2 or 3 would have been even better, but heh. Better one bird in the hand than ten in the sky, that thing.

I’m reserving final judgement though, until I know the full scope of Season 2, including what the material costs are for ascending the Atlantis heroes.

As nice as these bits and pieces of beta info are, we’re in no position to make full assessments when we don’t yet have the full picture.