Ascension Ingredients


I understand that more powerful heroes should be more difficult to ascend, but ingredients are scarce at best for some. I’ve had one character stuck ready to ascend and can’t because I can’t find ingredients in the precincts where they are supposed to be!!!


All of my main team has been stuck for quite some time. Despite buying ascension packs, getting chests daily, quests, and killing 7* titans… no drops. I keep getting stuff I can get from level 1-1.


I think many players are experiencing the same issue. I certainly am. They tried to make some ascension items more available and implemented rare quests. they even made it so not every hero needs mystic rings anymore but they failed to look at some of the rare items and numbers needed to ascend 5 star heros to last level. 6 telescopes, royal tabbards, darts and the very rare trap tools. These things are next to impossible to get. some of the items, I only have one of after 6 months of play. Please developers, give us a better chance to level up, I know you need to make it hard but this is ridiculous.
they need new rare quests where it is possible to get some of those items, we have done the old ones like morgavia a lot; change up the rewards please.


Putting in rare quests and rare wanted missions is just another slap in the face. They are pointless when you get nothing but mats that are available from every mission.

It would be different if you got a REAL ascension item, not necessarily the one you’re after.

Like oh no… I got another cape, but I really need a shield. I’m cool with that. But oh, I just did 100k damage on an 8* titan and got ham, iron, and nothing useful.