Ascension ideas for each color

Dark - Leaning towards killhare even though fighter class is stacked
Holy - Malosi
Blue - Isarnia then costume.
Green - Hatter as I lack cleric, but picked up Gregorian
Red - JF for def and maybe killhare support in certain stacks.

I have most every 4* in game and maxed so didn’t show them, any ideas on that stray from where I’m leaning are welcome

In my honest opinion, I would focus on the following:
Purple: Killhare
Yellow: Malosi
Blue: Magni then try for his costume
Green: Heimdall
Red: Jean-Francois
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

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Nice roster!

I completely agree with your choices except maybe for green I would level a Kingston 2 or Heimdall over the hatter.


I have to admit. Kingston was my first choice.
But then I went back and changed it.
The only reason being I am not a lover of duplicates.
That’s why I went for Heimdall.
But if duplicates are not a problem then yes Kingston

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Not a huge fan of dupes this early on but Kingston is an absolute beast and I usually wish I had a second in wars