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Hi, I wanted to ask a question about my heroes. I have quite a few 5* in my roster waiting at 3/70, and just got 1x Damascus Blade to ascend one of them. Which one should I ascend? Below are the choices:

Santa Claus
Marjana Costume
Snow White
Thoth Amun

Cobalt 1
C Marjana 2
Skadi 3

Welcome back, @maxi1

Errr… If it is the first 5* hero you want to ascend, that would be easy to figure. But the thing is, we need to know the rest of your heroes in order to determine which elements or teams of heroes you are lacking. Some of those heroes you mentioned are premium heroes and anyone having them are bound to ascend and max them sooner or later. But with only 1 damascus blade, you may want to ascend one of those which provides the most impact in most gameplay as well as filling in the void in your roster.

My 2 cents.

Thanks @Ultra!

Below is my full roster.


For the convenience of other forum users, recategorizing your hero roster:

Maxed blues:

5* - Magni & costume
4* - Boril
3* - Graymane


5* - Cobalt, Skadi, Glenda, Richard, Snow White
4* - Jott, Grimm & costume, Kiril
3* - Frosty, Vodnik

Maxed greens:

5* - Telluria
4* - Kashhrek
3* - none


5* - Zeline, Lianna, Zocc, Elkanen
4* - Peters, Almur, Hansel, Gadeirus
3* - none

Maxed Reds:

5* - Gravemaker
4* - Sumitumo, Wilbur
3* - none


5* - Azlar, Noor, Khagan, Grazul, Marjana (maxed?) & costume, Reuben, Anzogh, Santa Claus
4* - Boldtusk, Sir Lancelot, Kelile (maxed?) & costume
3* - Rudolph

Maxed Purples:

5* - Hel, 1st Clarissa
4* - Rigard, Tiburtus (almost)
3* -


5* - Grimble, Thoth-Amun, Sartana, 2nd Clarissa, Obakan
4* - Merlin, costumed Tiburtus
3* - Jack

Maxed Yellows:

5* - Norns
4* - Gullinbursti, Wu Kong, Jackal
3* - Kailani, Bane, Gan Ju


5* - none
4* - none
3* - costumed Kailani, costumed Bane

I may have missed some heroes. Too difficult to recategorize using my mobile phone. It doesn’t matter much because of my suggestion below.

As to your query which 5* hero is to be maxed, my answer is NONE… yet. Why, you may ask? I find that your army of maxed 3* and 4* heroes are wanting. I think it is wise and prudent to work on your 3* and 4* heroes first. Level and max at least 3 rainbow teams of 3* heroes and at least 3 rainbow teams of 4* heroes. This means that you have to have 3 maxed heroes for each color for 3* as well as to your 4* heroes. They will help you improve gaming experience in the other facets of the game. Remember, the resources of maxing one 5* hero is enough to max two 4* heroes. Hoard those 4* ascension materials until you have established your army of 3* and 4* heroes.

On your 3* heroes, work on the costume versions of your Kailani, Bane, Jack, Frosty and Vodnik. You will find them useful.

On your 4* heroes, you may also work on the original and costume versions. They are relatively easier and cheap to max and emblem than 5* heroes. Work on Boldtusk, Tiburtus and costume, Grimm and costume, Peters, Almur, Hansel, Kiril, among others. Prioritize healers and fast heroes.

Read a lot of guides offered and posted in the community forum. The search tool here will be your best friend in the coming hours, days, weeks and may be months.

And lastly, always always always find fun playing and/or reading here, even if other forum users may also provide their insights different from mine.

Just my 1 cent.


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