Ascension Help with Emblems

Hey guys, its been too ■■■■ long but I finally have ascension materials and a couple of five stars to ascend. I’m F2P so majority of my heroes are basic from TC 20. I have a good variety of 4*s to include but I’m trying to make a good defense to survive in diamond rank. With that said, I need advice on ascending my fives.

My heroes are Joon, Leonidas/ Sartana, Dormitia/ Marjana, Khagan, and Thorne, Isarnia
Not even one Green!!!

My favorite fours are Grimm, Boldtusk, Kiril, Proteus, Boril, Wilbur, WuKong, Buddy, Melendor

According to Anchor’s Guide, I know to definitely ascend Joon, Sartana and Marjana. My question is for Thorne (Paladin) and Isarnia (Wizard). Everyone on the forum says bad things about Thorne but on paper; his stats look very strong. Isarnia is slow and doesn’t look like the defense is that good. Ironically, Razor edge puts Isarnia’s defense over Thorne. Also I have 300 wizard and paladin emblems which I was going to put into maxing Sartana and Thorne. If I ascend Isarnia, I will split the emblems (meaning I wont max Sartana). What should I do guys?

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