Ascension help - final ascended 5* raid defence

I am short of compasses and 4* mats (long term) and want some ascension advice and raid defence advice. I’m thinking long term that I will have Kestrel, Kage, Guin, sartana, neith as my raid defence but rainbow kestrel, Magni, Guin, Kage, Lianna until I get the mats to ascend a second dark. Any thoughts given my roster? Also wondering if domitia may be a better option instead of sartana - mainly for the dispel. Also not 100% on Kestrel as the wing (I also have marjana at 2:60) Your help is much appreciated

The current setup is in the right order. Indeed, due to the special skill, Kestrel is designed to be flank, not wing, but also Magni is in the right position. In the future, I would replace Kestrel with Marjana. An emblemed Marjana only atk path, is very lethal and difficult to take out in the corner. You know the wings are eliminated mostly with specials, that’s why a rogue in the corner, may be a game changer during the battle. And no, Domitia has no place in your defense; Kage is very fast and also dispel first.

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Thanks for your input Scarecrow - I hadn’t thought about the rogue emblem point - TY for that. Kestrel is also a rogue (could you have been thinking of falcon?). I thought that with him hitting 3 targets (assuming AI doesn’t be too ■■■■■■■■) for 225% it may kill more than one hero at once after they have taken a little damage from elsewhere.

I know is also rogue, but as wing, a hero has to be a finisher, therefore a lethal sniper. Besides, you should think of the future. Who knows how great Marjana costume will be? Maybe you are lucky enough to pull it. And in fact, doesn’t really matter whether the costume is great or not. The bonus itself is great, applied also to original hero, that makes Marjana much better than Kestrel (stronger and faster). And it seems she will still remain the only red sniper for a long time…

Cool - I’ll get her ascended