Ascension/ emblem advice

Hi all, I will be ascending a fighter in the next day or so after Mount Umber is completed and would like some input from the community on who they prefer for ascension and also who will get the emblems.

I have 247 emblems going to whoever I decide. I’ll post my fighters below, but it looks like it’s going to be between Lancelot and Sumitomo. No other reds either except Grazul#2.

I’ve read many posts and the general flow seams to be towards Lance, but he is a bit of a glass cannon, so I’m here to see what the thoughts are for my specific case. Anyway, thanks for any insight you can provide.

You should either hoard your emblems or give them to Lancelot. He’s great for events. Sumitomo, on the other hand, doesn’t shine anywhere.

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Any heroe you waste on Muggy is on you. I have yet to see him activate his special effectively before dying by tiles with his ‘bro’s’. Attack and he just falls over and dies unless you are a 3* band and he is your best green but everyone gets Berden first. Total waste of a roster slot IMO.

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I wouldn’t rush to max Lancelot or Sumitomo. Sumitomo is better than he gets credit for but even +10 talents he wasn’t very special.Muggy is a huge disappointment for me. Gato is a beast 3* max that guy for sure.

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Events/challenges are one reason I’m leveling a fighter, so I need someone leveled here. I could horde my emblems and save them for King when he’s ready though. Thanks for your input.

As I said in my last reply, I’ll need to level one for events, but it’s definitely not a rush. Gato is getting maxed for sure once I finish with Triton. Maybe I’ll feed off one Muggy, but keep one for the collection. Thanks for the suggestions.

I’ve used my Gato just twice, still haven’t found a use for him. A simple Berden can one hit him. Triton is more worthy but never use his special on a Titan, that is 8 seconds of attack time you’ll never get back.

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Sound advice, thanks. I tend to separate 3* and 4* and not mix them too much in battle. So, many of my 3* are for tournament or events that call for 3*.

Also, just to update the thread… I just pulled Boldtusk from tc20. Now I know who my next fighter will be for ascension and emblem.

BT is awesome for his team attack buff. I got mine very early and use him all the time.

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I can’t even describe how happy I was to get him, especially since he came with Wilbur x2. I’ve been reading about people using those two for ages and just felt left behind, lolz.
Also got Khagen, who while didn’t exactly make me jump with joy, looks like he may be helpful in a stack.