Ascension...Drake Fong, Li Xu or Joon?

So I just FINALLY got my 4th orb! Currently Joon is at 2.60 (on main 5* team I currently use with Isarnia/Lianna/Seshat and Boldtusk as my healer) and ready to ascend, but so is Li Xu who is at 3.60, (she’s on my main 4* team with Caedmon/Grimm/Boldtusk/Cyprian, they are all at 3.60 ready for final ascension) both require the same things to ascend…and then I grabbed Drake Fong at the summon, and while I have a ways to go with him I know that I will need these orbs down the line if I wanna ascend him once he gets to tier 2…

So I feel like Joon kinda should get ascended first since he’s on my main team currently and so far leveled, but then with Li Xu if I ascend her to 4th tear I can actually max her out, joon would still have one final ascension to go…

So should I max one of the two heroes ready and if so which one, or should I save and wait to get Drake leveled up and use them on him?

It sounds like you don’t have any maxed heroes at all. If that is the case you need to max at least 1 - 2 teams of 4 stars before working on your 5 star heroes. A maxed 4 star hero is stronger than a 3.70 5 star hero.


Thank you for helping me figure this out lol, Xi Liu it is :slight_smile:

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