Ascension dilemma: Wu Kong or Chao

Who should I ascend first and why? Also, which one would be better in offence and/or defence? I know Wu Kong is already the better choice at titans. Thanks in advance for your inputs!


Titan’s produce loot

Wu kills titans

Wu will lead to better loot and then you can ascend Chao.

Chao is moderately good at everything. But not a game changer.

Here is a thread all about Chao:

And here is one about Wu:


I don’t see any dilemmas here coz it should be obvious that you ascend Wu Kong and forget that pathetic Chao :slight_smile:


Can’t disagree with anything said above it has to be Wu

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Wu all day every day. Watch your titan scores skyrocket.


Chao who? Go all the way with WU!


Wu, without any doubt !! :wink:

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Up wukong for sure, a must to deal incredible damage against titan. And very helpful in raids (mainly attack team)

chao is meh in all the case. Maybe is more useful in raids on attack team.


Personally I think Chao is better than “pathetic” or “meh”… but I agree Wu Kong is a game changer, and without hesitation I’d go with him first also.

To answer your follow up questions, I would say Wu Kong has a bigger edge on the offensive side between the 2, but given the choice of placing a Wu on defense vs a Chao, I’d still generally pick Wu. However, it also depends on who you’re facing. I’ve had good success more than once with 2 Chao’s on offense against much stronger teams in war, by tactically sniping mana from attackers when they’re about to fire. On the other hand… it is also very possible for Wu to turn the tide in your favor in a battle against a stronger enemy.

Wu’s special is easily defeated with a debuff of course. And if you’re up against heroes with reflect active, the big damage boost by Wu also means big reflect damage back. And… with his chance to miss, there will be times where he’s going to cause multiple misses in a row when you really needed a hit.

The 2 threads linked by @JonahTheBard has lots more to read on both of them if you’re interested.


Chao was my first maxed yellow 4* and I have never regretted it. He’s fast mana and a decent hitter and is a very underrated hero. Paired with hansel I do quite well against higher level opponents and very well against titans and challenge events. He also has decent defense and health stats so he doesn’t die all the time.

On the other hand, my experience has been that wu is very overrated. I do much better on titans with my rainbow team or with an almost rainbow team (take out the hero weak to that titan and put a second strong color in) than I do with wu. Sure, I got a couple of really good boards with him which gave me great points, but he dies SO fast and I have to use up items to make him effective. And those misses? I could rarely stun the titan, meaning quick death (and dead heroes don’t get buffed) unless I use very expensive time stops.


I got Chao early, and really enjoyed him, but he’s limited. He’s a decent mana sniper, but that’s not very versatile.

Wu’s special can be devastating when utilized correctly. He’s especially useful against Titans, which is such a key part of the game. Team Wu all the way.

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I hated this thread. Too little (nothing) was asked of the OP regarding his team or where player is in the game.

Wu vs Chao is a non-discussion for a relatively new player.


Tell us what you really think. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Tell me I’m wrong in 20 chatacters or more

and thx for the heart

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No. I was going to be sarcastic and give a strong vote for Chao. But then I read yours and you hit it out of the park. I couldn’t compete with that. Bravo my friend.

Just so those follwong at home know, I have maxed Wu and left Chao at 3^60. Wu is an advanced weapon, though. You do not hand guns to children. Teach what the weapon is, what to use it for and how to know when it is best to own one.

And thanks, littleKAF


I’ll defend @JonahTheBard’s unequivocal support for Wu first. It doesn’t matter what your bench is: Wu helps on titan hits, and good titan performance is an important source of rare ascension mats. Wu is unique; there is no hero that matches his boost against titans (though Wilbur may change my mind about that). Finally, we know the OP has Bane, and Bane will serve as a weaker Chao.

Wu first.


Wu is an essential for most aspects of the game, 100% him.

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I had to chuckle when you Bane and bench came together.

Wu is important vs titans. Chao farms, raids and defends. If Bane is first string currently, go with Chao. Push both he and Wu to 3^30 as feeders are available, but Chao first.

That was said assuming you are not hitting 5* titans and getting tier VI loot.

I take it i should acend wu before quintuss then

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