Ascension deficit disorder

Debating what is a better scenario for alliances. Do u join a team at the same strength as you or go into a crew that are much stronger on average in the hopes of sharing better loot? Titans loot seems to be fairly proportionate to your tier score so maybe for me fighting a titan I can beat is better than my heroes getting 1 shot killed.
I don’t have much info on how loot is split in wars. My primary objective is maximising non Farmable mats because at the rate I’m going it will take a couple of years to get a rainbow 5 star team maxed.

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Depends what you want (of course)

You may find it frustrating hitting titans that are too strong for your level

What level are you at currently?

Yes it is frustrating hitting titans that just kill ur whole team in 5 moves. I’m lvl 24. Update - latest 4 star titan yielded loot tier vi and all I got was some leather armour but it was fun to bash it until the time ran out. Maybe the crap loot is the lesser frustration and I just have to do the time and build up to the stronger titans.

Found this thread, good explanation of titan loot system.

Thats a really clear explanation for titan loot. Thx for the post.

I have checked for similar information on wars and the concencus seemed to be there is lot for winning and loot for losing. Do you know if there are other variables taken into consideration, for example, your own score, your alliance overall score, the competition hero rating etc?