Ascension Decision - Little John, Melendor, or TBD 5* Green I don't have yet :)


Hi All,

I’m at a bit of an ascension impasse. I have 8 shields and 6 tonics, or, enough to ascend a 5* green hero. I don not have said 5* green hero, but I do have a Level 70 Caedmon, a level 70 Skittleskull (don’t be hating, he’s better than you want to admit) and LJ in training and Melendor up next.

Usually I see a lot of threads on ‘I have this 5* and this 4* but don’t have the 6 4* ascension items what should I do?’ The advice is usually level the 4* hero to 70 based on how slow the slog is to get the 4* material for the 5* hero. This is the opposite. So here are my options:

  1. Save them for a 5*
  2. Level both to 70 (at which point we all know I’ll get a 5* green somehow)
  3. Level one or the other (I lean LJ with that attack stat, and I have Sabina, Rigard and other healing/debuffer types I can use which offsets Melendors special a bit).

My lean is to ascend only LJ to 4/70 but would like some additional thoughts.


PS: Other potentially pertinent info:

  • I have two TC20’s working, a TC19 I will be finished with tomorrow that I will get back going later this week after some level 19 trainings (so close to a 3rd TC20) - I have had 2 5* produced already (leo and oba)
  • I have a 4/80 Ares, 4/80 Perseus, 3/70 Sartana (one Tabbard away, darnit), and a 2/60 Leonidas I am not sold on ascending to 4/80 (I have the materials, just like my fragile as glass Jackal better).
  • Maxed 4*'s include Scarlett, Boldtusk, Jackal, Wu Kong, Chao (on his way - 4/37), Sonya, Sabina. I have a Rigard I am planning to ascend to 4/70 as well (he’s 3/25).
  • I have 3/60 Jackal (yes I have two) and 3/60 Kiril (no plans to take to 4/70 at the moment, not enough capes, but maybe someday).
  • In the queue but behind a long line: Domitia, Quintus, Obakan, Colen, Cyprian, Hu Tao - yes I hit the dark 5* lottery some how. I have no intention of taking the 5* past 2/60 and the 3* past 3/60 for now. Yes, I know I lack a 4* debuffer, and it stinks!
  • Many level 50 3*
  • 8 stored epic hero tokens, and enough gems stored up to do some summoning if need be (though not sure I will at this stage).


Today is 29th. In 3 days its february and as you have 8 summons already, go for a try to get ZELINE!
By all means I dont think you should bring another green to 4/70, you wont need!

Dedicate all your gems, tokens, Money, prayers, dead cat, whatever, to get Zeline, she will be worthy!


The Feb HOTM is amazing, assuming she’s anything like what she is now in beta. Do nothing with any of those 4* until you see how your tokens and gem spends for Feb go.

I’d still prob do Melendor over LJ. On a titan, 714 attack is still good and the heal means you can bring fewer defense items and live longer…important vs 9 and 10 star titans. Paired with Sabina can be even better.

Additionally for alliance wars, having a big set of hereos with overlapping skills is perfectly good.

For Dark, Oba is pretty good, I’d slot him to level to 3/70 while you’re waiting for your tabard for sarty. Big attack stat, fast mana, and reflect make him good at titan damage and raids. Not ahead of sartana, but good.


I vote too to wait and see on the Zeline lottery.

If you sadly can’t get her (don’t hate me to say it) the only other choise is Lianna, but even with 4 Tc20 running it may occur some time to get her, so i suggest to go only for LJ, and then you’ll see later how to proceed.


Zeline is obviously the way to go, as she is a combination of Caedmon and Skittleskull/Horghall. Wait until March comes and if you got Zeline you will be the envy of those who don’t have her. If not, Lianna is #1 and Horghall #2. Most people all say he sucks because he’s slow, but I have the 4* mana boost troop on him to help with that and he can take a hit! Most health in the game without using troop bonuses.

As far as 4* greens go, I recommend LJ over Melendor. He does the most damage of the green 4*s and slowing down the mana generation can literally save the life of your heroes as you get your healer’s mana leveled up.


Definitely wait for the 5* green.

The need for a 3rd maxed green is much lower in priority. Just like others said, you have Zeline next month, saved up tokens and TWO tc20s going. You’ll get your green soon.


I’m in beta so I’ve had seat time with Zeline - she’s pretty amazing, and I have had alliance wars on the mind as well as of late given how that is shaping up. I always planned on waiting for Feb for HOTM, though I am also realistic that my chances of getting her are slim (despite my insane Perseus and Ares luck).

My alliance is smashing 6*, mostly beating 7*, and 0-2 on 8*, though if we were all full of hits I think we could get one (we always run into one after a dogfight with a 7*). We have been somewhat stuck here SLOWLY progressing but we’re probably months away from a 9*.


Out of curiosity - do you guys in beta testing get the heroes maxed out to test, or do you have to go through all the leveling up pain?


The new heroes they want us to test are max.


It would suck if you had to level them, lol. The beta window also isn’t open indefinitely. It’s open longer this time with AW but last time for knights it wasn’t that long where in no way (unless you had a camp full of heroes to feed and the materials) you could level one to 80.


Correct. Basically for each beta period, they take your production account at that moment in time, copy it over to the beta, then add in whatever they want you to test.


That makes a lot more sense than what I was thinking. I thought you guys had a totally separate account going where you had to do all the mundane (and time consuming) crap that everyone hates.


Well, some of us do that mundane stuff for our other heroes in beta because we’re bored, but for the sanity of beta testing, they give us everything we need to test, as Dante indicated.


Another vote for waiting. You have a solid hero bench, so no need to rush given that you have all the tonics.

I was in a kinda similar position but had only two tonics. It’s going to take a while to accumulate the other four, so I went with LJ for events.


Yeah, my heart says wait. I did get another shield from my holy chest today…so I’d need 3 more in order to have the best of both worlds.

I’ll get everyone to 3/60 first and then make the call…if I don’t get Zeline (which is likely), I’ll see who fits better for me. I’m leaning LJ because of mana control and tile damage for titans and events.


So in the last two days I have gotten 2 more shields - up to 10. If I don’t get Zeline tomorrow (again, I know this is unlikely) - I’m going to take one of the 4* to the top.

So, who is it? :slight_smile:

I think I am looking for a reason not to do LJ at this point with his attack stat and mana control. I really only do titans, events and AW. I am open to Melendor, though.


If you have the healers to keep LJ alive, he brings a lot of offense to the fight. Glass cannon, but one i Iike.


I love the glass cannons. Love me my Jackal & Scarlett too.


Little John is a pain in the ■■■ in raids so I’d choose him


Were you got the shield. I’m dying for them. I will go LJ but that my opinion.