Ascension Choices + Tavern of Legends team strategy

Hi, I would like to know your opinion for my ascension options and later discuss a little bit about my Tavern of Legends strategy.

My current roster:

Boldtusk +19 (costume)
Gormek +12
Boldtusk 3/60 (wo costume)
Scarlett 3/60
Colen 3/38
Sumitomo 3/37 (currently levelling)
On 1/1 Boldtusk, 2×Scarlett
honorable mention from 3* Hawkmoon +12 (costume), Namahage

Buddy +10
Elkanen 3/70
Little John 3/60
Skittleskull 3/58
Kashhrek 3/8 (currently levelling)
Melendor (costume) 1/1
honorable mention from 3* Brienne +14 (costume), Belith +14

Kiril +7
Valeria +7
Agwe 3/35 (currently levelling)
honorable mention from 3* Gunnar +4 (costume), Gato +1

Proteus +8
Ameonna +8
Rigard 4/11 (costume 4/1 - currently levvelling)
Tiburtus 4/13
Cyprian 3/60
Cyprian 1/1
honorable mention from 3* Tyrum +9 (costume), Balthazar +1

Li Xiu 4/48 (costume 4/70)
Chao 2/1 (currently levelling)
Li Xiu 1/1
honorable mention from 3* Bane +5 (costume), Gan Ju +3

I have 18× compasses, 12× gloves, 15× h-blades, 14× shields, 14× capes, 7× tools, 19× orbs. 4× d-blades, 8× tomes, 6× rings, 11× tonic, 7× scopes, 3× tabbards and 9× darts.
Who would you ascend from red/green? I plan to give them to Sumitomo, Scarlett and 2nd BT, but I don’t know about the latter. Should I exchange it for Colen (thinking about titan damage)?
I would definitely give 5 shields to Mel + costume. I don’t want to “waste” tonics on Elk, but how about shields on LJ? I don’t know about Kash since I don’t plan to use him as tank. My usual tanks are Buddy/BT. Maybe I will be lucky in summon portal to get his costume. I would ascend him then.
Other colours are solved for me now. Agwe will get the capes since there is no other option so why wait. In dark realm I have already used some tools for final ascensions and I plan to take 2nd Cyprian to 4/70 later - it will take a lot of time, so maybe some other choice will pop up. I lack of heroes in Holy and I have plenty of orbs, so both Chao and 2nd Li Xiu + costume will recieve them. I am hoping for Wu Kong and Danza since I like Sakura family.

Regarding Tavern of Legends strategy. I have start building teams from level 10, I try to have 1 healer, 1 defence down, 1 support (buffer or manacontrol) 1 sniper and 5th slot is open (e.g. Ameonna, Colen or 2nd buffer). With this strategy I have 2 teams above 3000. 5 teams around 2700 and 3 teams around 2100. Do you think it is a good strategy or do you think I will fail? I can rearrange teams so their power is more ascending, but I would have e.g. 2 healers and no defence down or 2 manacontrols in one team.

10th team: Boldtusk (+19c), Brienne (+14c), Buddy (+10), Elkanen (3/70), Proteus (+8)
9th team: Kiril (+7), Cyprian (3/60), Gormek (+12), Valeria (+7), Ameonna (+8)
8th team: Rigard ©(4/1), Bane (+5c), Bane©, Li Xiu©, Colen (3/38)
7th team: Boldtusk (3/60), Scarlett (3/60), Tyrum (+9), Balthazar(+1), Bauchan(+4)
6th team: Hawkmoon (+12c), Gunnar (+4c), Balthazar, Little John (3/60), Berden
5th team: Belith (+14), Sumitomo(3/37), Agwe(3/35), Carver (+11), Namahage
4th team: Kashhrek (3/8), Kailani (+1), Tiburtus (4/13), Valen (+1), Skittleskull (3/58)
3rd team: Gunnar (+3c), Ulmer (+1), Gato (+1), Bane ©, Nashgar
2nd team: Friar Tuck, Isshtak (+4), Gan Ju (+3), Gan Ju, Chick Jr.
1st team: Kailani, Valen, Prisca, Ishhtak, Chao (2/1)

Scarlett, next 2nd BT

Yes LJ is great for map/quest against bosses to slowdown mana bosses.

IMO, with your optimum teams strategy, I don’t think it is safe for your current roster, but worth to try and use best items specially stages from 5-10, at least Time Stop/Revive, and with mana control Proteus (last stage) bring heavy mana: minor mana, mana, super mana, etc…

BT and Brienne are replaced each other with the special not good in one team.

Not for costumed versions)

I though Brienne+14c, c= class.
Okay if it means costume brienne then okay.
For BT, I prefer regular version which is more sturdy, more +attack buff and Fighter.

Actually I am planning to use costumed version I use ©. So I planned to use both vanilla versions. With (+19c) I just indicated they have full costume bonus.

So I think Jin is right, I should not mix them together in one team as they are my 2 top attack boosters in my roster.

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Thank you for yout tip regarding LJ.

With more finished 4* I have finally beaten legendary stages of an event. I don’t have problems with last stages of rare quests now. I just want to try to beat ToL as well :slight_smile:

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Can you beat costume quest now?

Yes, they usually don’t even fire their special or maybe once.
Proteus FTW!

Do not tried my 3/60 Proteus yet) But it makes sense.

I have successfully completed ToL quest with teams above. Only I switched Brienne © and Li Xiu ©.

Usually i equipped antidotes/super antidotes, axe/bomb attack, revive/miracle scroll, minor healing/super healing potion and did not use them much other than last 4 stages. For last stage I chose tornado instead of bombs. Totally worth it, proteus kept all enemies at no mana for almost whole fight.

Ended up with Scarlett the 4th and Boril.

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