Ascension Advice - Who Gets The Mats?

After some ascension advice

I can ascend 1 blue, 2 purple and 1 yellow.

This is my current maxed roster

These are my choices

Main considerations are

  • I only have 1 maxed healer for each colour so Zulag and Rafael are possibilities to give me a bit more depth even though they aren’t usually great choices for ascension

  • Isarnia is also an outside contender purely for her defence down on titans

  • If not Isarnia then I’m torn between Frosth and Skadi. I know Skadi is generally more popular but the thought of Frosth in a 3-2 team with Freya and and Seshat seems pretty nasty

  • Yellow is rubbish for any of them but given i don’t spend nowadays and have 10 darts i can’t see me getting a better option before i get 2 more darts

If it’s me, I would go for malicna and Victor. Malicna for the elemental link and Victor for the very fast defence boost. Although Clarissa would be great for the special defence boost as well. Clarissa and Victor have the best wing defenses and completely wall any jabberwocks out there

Norns for yellow is the only best choice here, but I would rather wait for starfall that’s coming this week and hope for the best to get faline (the yellow one)

Either frosth or skadi would be great choices. Skadi because you don’t have grimble, and frosth to boost blue mana and also pair with your Freya well. Personal preferences for me leans towards frosth

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