Ascension advice thank you

I can ascend 3, 4 star heroes, one each of either blue, red or green. Still waiting out on materials for a yellow and purple hero.

For red I have, colen and gormek.

Blue, Sonya, kiril, Grimm and boril

And green, kashhrek, caedmon and skittleskull.

My feeling is to ascend, gormek, kiril and caedmon. I know guys like Grimm but gormek has the same special but is a bit better defensively which appeals to me. I maybe mad, so any advice would be appreciated.

I am with you.
After few years you will be able lvl up grimm aswell and gormek will be still usefull on titan, so go ahead. Gormek, kiril and caedmon is really nice basis. All 3 i am still using in these dark days.

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Kasherek makes a great tank in the beginning. He’s hard to defeat and will save your team during raids. Caedmon will help if you don’t have a debuffer. He will still debuff a with out the ascension. Gormek and Kiril are great choices and will help with titans.

Kiril is already in team. To have two healers is not necesary and in future kashrek is not usefull. So no, my vote have still caedmon.

I do like two healers for a defense team. With what I have my ideal defense line up is gormek as the tank, either side of him kiril and kashhrek then in the corners colen and caedmon. Two healers for defence and the defence buff against fire for kashhrek and caedmon, granted not incredible but imo for a 4star team seems pretty strong. Willing to switch colen for Jabbar because I do like his buff on healing.

I’d go with Kiril, Gormek and Caedmon. This way you get one of all of the 3 most essential 4 star specials - healer with attack and defense buff, a Pulverizer and a Dispeller.

Kashhrek is great tank only and nothing more. Would advise against it if you have better options. Kiril is almost as good, but he is also viable for events, titans, and Offensive raids, so I would definitely get Caedmon over Kashhrek anyday of the year.

Go with Grimm after Kiril. Sonya after Grimm. Boril only if nothing better comes.

Boril, Colen and Skittle Skull are both sub-optimal choices, and should be only levveled where nothing better is available.

I’m not in a rush to level kashhrek further, he does enough where he is, and in a decent team I feel like he is fine there.