Ascension advice please


I have 3x fine gloves and compasses so I can do 3 max ascensions. I have 4 contenders. I’m currently working on Grimm, this gives me 2 of each color maxed out 4*. This leaves 2 ascensions and there’s 3 I’m looking at. It’s Melendor, Boldtusk, Boril. I’m pretty sure boldtusk is a slam dunk so it’s really between Melendor and Boril. Once Boldtusk is maxed (he’s next after Grimm) I have a healer in each color besides green and yellow but I don’t think yellow even has a 4* healer. So this makes Melendor quite attractive because I could then triple stack green and have a green healer with solid attack stat. But Boril is super sturdy with almost 800 defense and perfect riposte is a very annoying ability, Boril tank is actually on my “won’t raid” list. I also think he can be very valuable in events, just trying to complete legendary. Thoughts?


Boril was my first 4* blue and only recently did I bring him up to level 60. Riptose can be very annoying but I found that it wasn’t as useful as in the beginning.

Boldtusk is a no doubter. Melandor would be my other choice. With wars you want to have a lot of healers. I just recently took my second Melandor to 60 (I lack gloves and pulled Lianna).


BT and Mel, no question


Same here BT and Mel. You actually have a great counter to Boril with Melendor, he’s green and he dispels without attacking so he doesn’t risk any damage.


BT and Melandor are your more useful heroes and should be maxed. You will find healing and attack buffs more useful on offense for both raiding and titan hits.

Boril’s vengance SS is only effective as a raid defender. While there are people who use a maxed Boril on offensive raids and titan hits because he has really high tile damage for a 4* hero, the winning strategies in raids all center around charging up and firing of the SS of the heroes. Tile damage is a secondary concern, even if you color stack to increase the damage from a particular color.


Boril has a really low tile damage actually, it’s his defense stat I like a lot. I’m pretty sure Boril is ranked as the #1 4* defender, his defense stat is even higher than a lot of 5*. And it always seem like when I raid him he gets riposte charged before I get a “dispel buff” ability charged. By the time I can use it, he’s almost charged again. Riposte is an ability that in theory is easy to take care of but he just pops it constantly lol. I skip raids or rematches if they have a maxed team with a Boril tank I know Melendor is also good and maybe more versatile because you can always bring a healer, and he has high tile damage with a dispell but that’s why it’s a toss up. I have a maxed Caedmon and I have a maxed Sabina so I’m not that excited about Melendor even though I know he’s good. But yeah everyone seems to think Boril isn’t that good.


I’d definitively choose Melendor, since he has a pretty high tile damage :wink:


Defeating Boril is difficult early in the game, but the stronger you get, the less dangerous he is.

My vote is in BT and Mel.