Ascension advice Holy & Nature

Hey guys, just looking for opinions from the community regarding my next ascensions for holy and nature. Im sitting at 5 darts and tonics waiting for the last items to drop. I’ve hit a bit of a dry spell when it comes to drops so wanted to get some feedback before jumping in.

Holy options: vivica 3/70, ranvir 3/70, Justice 3/70, leo 1/1.

Nature options: yunan 1/1, Morgan le Fay 3/70, kadilen 1/1.

Other 5*s:
Fire: Santa 4/80, Anzogh 3/70
Ice: Athena 4/80, Frida 3/70,Thorne 1/1
Nature: Mother north 4/80, lianna 4/80
Holy: joon 4/80
Dark: khiona 4/80, hel 4/80, mok 2/60, Thoth 2/60.

I have most of the useful 4*s including wu.

My gut is MLF for war utility and to find a place for my sorcerer emblems. Ranvir to boost my Titan game to hopefully speed up the acquisition of ascension materials. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

In my opinion for yellow I would go Vivica as I don’t see healer in your team but she is slow mana. Ranvir would be second choice. Depending what is the purpose of them Titan, offense or defense.

For green Yunan all the way. Second Kadilen. This is only my tought.

That’s a good point regarding Viv.

Do you have yunan? Is he really that good?

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You do have mama north so it isn’t all about Vivica. I don’t think Ranvir is that much of a step up from Wu (don’t have him, that’s from my alliance mates)

I don’t think Justice and Leo are really in the frame. I have both ascended and they aren’t terrible, but the other two are probably a bit better.

Long Story short: I’d go Vivica, just.

MLF is very good, don’t think you’d regret her. Yunan is very nasty, especially in healing wars with his heal block. A great tank too, but very few teams use green tanks

Long Story short: I’d go MLF, just. For fast mana

Thanks for the advice, appreciate it

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