Ascension 2*

Is it a waste of time to Ascend Zudak 2* while waiting for the game to give me a better 3* + hero?

Unless your hero roster is full, save your heros for 3* and up.

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Okay that’s sorta what I was thinking, but the games not giving me anything over 2* for at least 4 days now. I’ve been farming, summoning, farming more until the game tells me I can’t farm. I can’t afford to pay for the 3* to 5* heros. But thanks for confirming what I sorta knew… Never hurts to ask lol… Happy Gaming

Personally i ascended 2* before i get some 3* and i don’t regret it. They are cheap, and help you to get some good rewards.

If i can give you an advise, ascend Olaf (blue defensive) and the yellow panda (cure).
Don’t bother to have 2 yellows, you don’t need a rainbow team all the time.


I ascended two of my 2* before I got better heroes - still had to get through the map/raids!


While Zudak isn’t high on my list of 2*'s, in general if you’re a new player and you don’t have a 3* hero for the slot absolutely do it.

Also 2 x single color does allow you to use some more advanced raiding and titan strategies (2 strong colors vs. a particular target, a titan or potentially a raid tank) even as a newer player and that can improve the newbie experience especially when it comes to raiding.

My stupid little alt that I’m testing with is getting very good use out of some 2*'s and they’re absurdly cheap to level… not really a waste of resources since it’s pretty much insignificant in the long run.

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This may be a ways off for you yet, but know that you can make your own 3* heroes for free at your Training Camp
13 (TC13). You can actually do it at TC12, but TC13 also gives you a slight chance at pulling 4* too.


Yeah but in the time it takes you to get to TC13, you’re way way better off having leveled 2*'s (easy, cheap, no problem skilling from dupes) to goose your ham income from raids substantially. This also allows for funsies like double color on titan or raids once you do get you first set of 3’s.

Otherwise you’re just taking a one-two week delay of game, and that yuck :slight_smile:

This assumes complete F2P; if you’re purchasing any of the offers including the event gems, you can shortcut a lot of the early frustration.


Definitely F2P… I took the plunge and ascended my 2* after another entire day of getting nothing but 1* or nothing. I have no issues with waiting for the game to do it’s thing… I’ve only been playing for about 2 weeks now, I’ll figure it out eventually (I hope). I’m waiting on my stronghold to finish and be Level 8 then I’ll need to upgrade my iron/steel storage buildings… Thanks to you all for your help it was hugely appreciated to know I’m not the only one ascending 2* lol


one more question should I waste my time on the 1* and 2* defense and healers? Cannot remember their names the healer’s Red 1* (saren or something) and a purple attack bonus 2* looks like an Undead guy… I’ll try get their names: silthus 2* purple +30% Attack and/or Sharan 1* red +20% health

For 2* purple, Layla all the way! She is a very very good 2* hero, the best one IMO. I kept her well into my 3* team.


That’s my issue Silthus is the best hero the games given me in days. I’ve seen the one you’re referring too and I wish the game would give her to me…

If you are completely F2P you will likely have to wait for Epic hero tokens to get a 3*. Daily Summons and Farming will give 1-2* most of the time. I would ascend the current 2* you have and feed them your 1* then as you get better ones ( like Layla) build those. Eventually you will feed those 2* to your new 3’s! This game is fun but it does take patience! Happy farming :blush:

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You can make 1-2* heroes on a TC2, if you have backpacks (get them from the Province Map, 5).

In this way, it is possible to get a Layla (purple 2*), and a couple other nice ones without waiting too long. (Naturally everything you get is random. Just saying.) :wink:


I’m new, 1st week. What 2* heroes are best to keep? How do I determine which hero is better than the next regarding same * level? I currently only have one 3*, and he is Bane. He’s at level 29 not ascended.

You can keep Leyla, Sha Ji, Needler and the Red one that gives + attack (forgot the name)

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Check my topics, there’s a table with information about all heroes (follow the instructions how to turn them on, or tag me for help)…

If you play without money, then build training center higher to be able to create bigger heroes.

If you pay, spend gems only for summons - elemental or event. In any case, don eat Bane, don’t spend gems for anything else until you figure out the game, so no speeding up stuff, no buying iron. Later you’ll maybe want to speed monster chests (I don’t think it’s worth) - paying for revival of heroes in monthly events for last level where you get ascension items is worth the money.

Buy hero slots, don’t eat heroes. For war you need at least 30… keep all 3 stars and higher, it will take few weeks to figure out part of the game. Check for guides, coppersky I think it’s spelled, great one, reread it few times, dig through the forum… you’ll learn a lot.


and check this one


Maxed out Layla caused me a world of pain for a lot longer than a two star should’ve.

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Keep in mind your goal is to acquire and level 3* as quickly as you can. Until that happy day, a maxed 2* is usually superior to an unleveled 3*.

Some noteable 2*: Layla, ShaJi (healer), Needler, Jill (+48% attack)*, Jenneh, Olaf

*Others have this power with varying stats. You decide. :slight_smile:

Repeating from before, you can make 2* from a level 2 Training Camp (TC2); you will randomly receive 1-2* there.

Further on, you can make 3* from a TC12 or TC13 (the second has a slight chance of dropping a 4* Hero).

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