Ascending skill bug

Twice it has happened now. If you level a skill then ascend. Your skill will not level up when you ascend. I leveled my hero’s skill to 5 right before he was capped to ascend. After I ascended his skill was the same level. It didn’t increase.

That is weird,
At ascension, there is guaranteed skill level increase, irrespective of any previous skill level increase, unless of course if the skill had been maxed prior.
I guess you should file a report with the Support through the in game menu., hope you have some screen shots etc makes the explanation easier

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Twice? The first time it happened, you should have readied yourself for its possiblenreoccurrence and screenshot it. Sorry, but I have been leveling 10 heroes at a time now, feeding same colored heroes (2 star ones go to 5 star heroes; 1 star ones go to 4 star heroes) and I have yet to encounter it.

Naturally no screen shots. I got a skill lvl up on magni and melendor right before ascending them both. When I ascended them. Neither of their skills lvld up again

Check your activity log for the dates of occurrence if recent , then issue a ticket with Support to investigate.

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