Ascending of heroes that are maxed out


I would like to propose that the developer could consider allowing heroes, 1star to 5 stars to further improve their stats when they have maxed out.
This can be done when they pull 1 or 2 similar hero cards which could be used to combine with the maxed out card to further improve their stats or even stars.
For instance, you have maxed out 5 stars magni, then you pull 2 similar magni heroes again. These 2 magni cards can be combined with the magni that is maxed out and it’s stats improve etc.
This will also apply to 1 star to 4 stars cards and as such, something for f2p players to look forward too, not to mention the p2w players.
For your consideration, please.

Seems like just a reason for some to spend even more with nothing to look forward to for f2p.

Sounds like something that is apparently down the pipe already. I’m sure I have seen few ppl advising not to eat the duplicates as they will come in handy for further improvement next year, which is no to far now:-)


I agree, Alex. I’m one of the people. I keep duplicates, especially those having fast mana :wink:

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