Ascending kiril or rigard


Hey guys,
Can u help me to decide which one to ascend first. I have mats to ascend kiril to 4, and on the other hand i need 2 more trap tools to ascend rigard. Should i go for kiril or w8 for rigard. (i have 1compas an 2gloves)


I would say Kiril. He gives you attack and defense buff, while antídotes can replace Rigard’s ability.


Ascend kiril but don’t look at rigard as “replace with antidotes”

Rigard heals more and if we’re talking about raids he’s sometimes crucial against a Colen azlar hel and many others


Can’t take antidotes into a raid and personally I think rigard is most useful on raid teams


But Kiril is better on titans than Rigard. Personally, I care more about Titan attacks than raids.

Compasses are not super rare. You will likely get another before you get two trap tools. No reason to deny yourself an excellent 4* at full power in the meanwhile.


I have both and both are excellent, but Rigard was one of my first 4* so I’m a little partial. Rigard has saved my team many many times from defeat! Especially in rare quests when my team power was much much less than the one I was fighting against for the final ascension items. Rigard kept me in the fight with his healing of status effects.I have also won raids with him as my sole hero left standing, where I could reheal and rely on tile damage. Where I have taken heal potions in a fight with Kiril and ran out. I would rather bring a banner.


You will use both. You will use Rigard a lot until you get into the Upper ranges of Cups, then he’ll only come out for Some titans and Events. Kiril you could potentially use for a lot longer. You really can’t go wrong ascending either, but I’d recommend Kiril.


He is both better and cooler.


If you don’t have Bold or similar attack buff, Kiril goes on every single titan team.

Rigard is a defensive hero, isn’t needed against Azlar / Colen (Kiril is flatly better there cause tile damage bonus against red) and has absolutely no business being in any titan team with a wretched attack stat and I’d argue there’s even better options for raids too.

Rigard was basically one of the ignore heroes for me as second worst purple 4*, along with Chao, Keilie, and a couple of others… and of course now I’m building many of them including Rig for AW… won’t I feel dumb if the basic implementation gets changed in 1.10 haha.


I’d ascend the 4* you can do now (Kiril) because he’s a great 4* and he’ll be immediately helpful. That said, I like Rigard - he’s very tanky and can survive a lot of damage. I’m debating swapping my 4/70 Rigard in for my 3/70 Sartana. I know, blasphemy. But technically his stats are better in all areas (including tile damage) than Sartana’s and that special keeps the team alive and healed during the 8* fights. (PS, I know 4/70 4* tend to be better than 3/70 5* but Sartana’s one of those sacred cows on the board :))


These are both good heroes; I would ascend both.

Since, as you said:

It’s clear you will ascend Kiril first, with Rigard hot on his heels.

Grats that you got both!


Thank you guys for all the responses. I did ascend kiril, and am now waiting for trap tools and compas. Greets