Ascending items

Hi there
Just a thought to you all. It would be great if we could trade ascending items with your alliance. I understand that people may abuse this but make it that they have to be in an alliance for 60 days before this can occur.
Just a thought :thinking:

I agree. This is common in MMOs. I find that I have many ascension items that I’ll never be able to use while being short on others that I really need. Alernatively, I’d like to be able to trade in items for gems.

Nice idea, but this is clearly jeopardising SG business model. They will never do that.

I can only ever see the trading of farmable items.

Would love for gloves/compasses to be farmable/tradable.

But the game has a short enough lifeline as it is.

If we all had all the materials for all our heros (very possible, because my own alliance has many people who have extras and I have extras of some things that i would gladly swap), then the game would be less challenging overall.

The only reason this game continues to exist is “scarcity”