Ascending a purple 5*

I am waiting two years to get a descent purple 5*. I have fully ascend domitia and Clarissa. I want to ascend one more 5* purple hero. I have at 3.70 mok-ar, Quintus , sargasso and a second Clarissa. Opinions ?

A second Clarissa… or wait for 2 more years if you can do it. I have played for 2 years, too, and I guess I am somewhat lucky with pulls as I have maxed Domitia and her costume, Kageburado, Seshat, Ursena, Guardian Panther and Clarissa. Sitting on 12 royal tabards, I am working on 2nd Clarissa to be placed at 3/70 and my other purple legendaries are 3/70 Kunchen and unleveled 4 more Domitias, 2nd Ursena and Grimble. I wish getting Jabberwock though but that is only the extent of me getting the dragon, only wishful thinking.

Wait id you can get Hotm October.

Game doesn’t give me purple heroes at all. I don’t have Sartana and I have 5 Leonidas, 5 Khagan and a forest of trees. Was thinking about mok- ar for wars and titans

Yes wait for the next HOTM, it’s a purple tank. I don’t like her artwork, but her special is very interesting.

And if the next hotm doesn t come? We will return to the same conversation :partying_face::joy: