Ascended The Wrong Hero (Support response)

Any specific reason why defense is your number 1 team?

Team 1 is the easiest to access, and so I put my lvl team there, because that’s the team I interact most, hero leveling I’m doing every day. I seldom change my pvp defense so they are in team 5 which is the farthest down.
I would put the teams you change/use often in the first teams and the teams you interact the fewest in the back teams.


I’ve made plenty of mistakes from accidental feeding, ascension, or summoning. I don’t expect any do overs there. It’s sucks but it is what it is.


We are human, and we all make mistakes. Simple.

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The only hero I regretted ascending was myztero

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Seriously?? You will get to 6 rings quickly?!?!?!

Within 3 months…which is quick for this game…


Same here. Put defense right at the back so I don’t accidentally misclick the set defense button (it happens people! Way too many times! But not after I moved it to team 5 :slight_smile: )

Team 1 is my levelling team and easiest to access
Team 2 is farming team
Team 3 is event/raid/map everything team
Team 4 is Titan
Team 5 is raid defense

Re levelling the wrong hero … been there done that lol. See it as an opportunity to learn to play with the hero … strategising with a resource constraint. Who knows, you too may come to favour your ‘mistake’ hero!


My stupid moment was deleting a fully ascended Kvasir. I lock heroes all the time, how was I such a fool!!??

Better luck to all!


Wow. Lol. That’s rough too. I got the same response back. So… let’s call it a day. Thanks for the laughs and feedback. Enjoy your vacation and gaming. See you in wars :heart:


Good Attitude MrBee, shake it off and focus that anger on the enemies.



Yang is actually a decent hero. She is no Elizabeth, but yang is solid. Could be way worse honestly.


Quit spending keep playing. At least you only lost time.

My team 1 is rainbow autoplay farming team.
My team 2 is the raiding team.
My team 3 is for events, hard quest etc…
My team 4 is for level.
My team 5-6 are empty or used for some testing.
My team 7 is defense.
I shouldn´t have purchased teams slots.

That is easy answer, but first a question.

  • Where do heroes not on teams go? To the bottom of the roster.
    And another.
  • Which teams get changed the most?

If you put teams you change the most as team 1 or the top of the roster, why would you want to scroll up and down all the time to change our heroes or pick ones to be fed?

I rarely change my defense team, if anything I should move my farming team up, because they rarely change.


You don’t have to scroll to lvl your heroes. When you enter your hero rooster you are at top. Then you can start lvling and you will get directed at the bottom where the feeder heroes are automatically.
So no scrolling at all to lvl your heroes.

Was just curious, so as long as it work for you, that’s good :+1:


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Boooo-hooooo. Not getting that last pair.