Ascended The Wrong Hero (Support response)

Anyone ascended the wrong hero by mistake? I must have had a transient ischemic attack. I told the support about this, about reversing it. But I was told this was considered an unfair advantage and being given something ‘for free’. I suggested delete the wrongly ascended hero, most of the mats, except the rings, to balance the ‘unfairness’. I would also lose god knows how much resources spent on getting the wrongly ascended hero to 3.70.

I’m not being met with a shred of willingness to do anything other than copy-pasting a standard response.

In fact it’s really distasteful. I’ve spent too much on this game already. It might just contribute to me quitting.

What do you guys think? Should I shut up? Is it an unfair advantage? Am I silly?

It made me really annoyed and frustrated.


To be honest, I think we have all done something similar in the past. For me it was Kelile that I was levelling rather than Scarlett ……
Should have put my glasses on lol…
Yes it did frustrate the hell out of me. But then you realise it was “my” mistake and “my” fault and you just accept it and move on.


Ascended domita instead of kage… Don’t ask me how i confused the 2. :cocktail: :beer: Anyhooo. My bad i own it had to wait for mats but still use dom on titans so it worked out in the end :sunglasses:


Hmmm!! OK. It was Yang Mai instead of Elizabeth. Could be worse I guess. So I have to suck it up then. :frowning:

First, yang Mai is at least good, some may say very good some will hate her just like it is with every hero, but your mistake could be far worse…

Second you could consider a lvl team. Put the heroes you want to lvl into your first team. They will show on top of your hero rooster whereas the other 3.70 heroes are far below. It’s hard to lvl something accidentally if you can’t even see the unwanted hero and have to scroll and search it.

That would probably create some kind of precedent. I think there are at least some people who would with joy loose all their feeders and resources they put into some hero they don’t use anymore just to get the 4* mats back. If support would allow that even in such small cases they would be flooded with requests to delete the hero and give the mats back.


You can join the “we did something silly club”. I joined early on in my E&P adventure when I fed Isarnia to Brand. I asked for her back, no dice.

It’s a life lesson so I sucked it up.

Anyhoo…for what it’s worth (and somewhat controversially) I actually prefer Yang Mai to Lizzie. Yangs elemental link is gold and when she fires all 5 you’ll laugh at the streetfighter style multi fist animation :joy:


Just don’t confuse being “really annoyed and frustrated” at yourself, with being “really annoyed and frustrated” at support / SG / the game. You made the mistake, it happens, pretty much all of us have made mistakes, and the only way forward is to suck it up and try to avoid making the same mistake again. There is no do-over.

Alright. Thanks everyone. Thanks Ferg for the advice. Thanks cheds for the laugh. Elemental link is useful. :slight_smile:


I don’t know your level so won’t assume but I know Lizzie is becoming favoured for war defence at the higher levels. You’ll get to 6 rings fairly quickly but again, I’m using Lizzie in my war defence and not seeing a significant difference in my defences from when I used Gefjon. But if everyone has Lizzie maybe that’s the strength of her.

I’ve never really seen the hype tbh.

Good lord yes. I failed to lock my one and only holy ninja troop and somehow fed it away. I will carry on hating myself until I pull another one, RNG willing.

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Don’t worry, Yang mai isn’t really that bad. At least she can help support your other fire heroes with the elemental link

I too learned it the hard way to put my lvl heroes in team 1 :see_no_evil: and for you it’s now also to late but maybe someone else sees it before they make a similar mistake.

At least it’s great advice. Made a team 1 like suggested!

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My advice is probably to suck it up if you can, trying direct engagement is pointless imo. I personally cannot let one issue go and it actually makes me sick still after more than a year… If intransigence was a virtue, they would be saints.

Sorry about your predicament however… I’ve wasted valuable mats before now, but at least I know it was my decision to make the error. Your case is a little different, maybe they might be receptive? I know from personal experience that tagging a certain person has resulted in one positive outcome over a genuine mistake (although they never participated here before that or after).

Yang is good especially for stacking in war and also Elizabeth is good as sometimes can be a pain to go against. Tbh I wouldn’t sweat it both hero’s are good just take this one on the chin and just wait for more rings to come then you will hav both maxed always good to hav nice options.

I will give them a gentle push still, as what I suggested would mostly put me back in terms of progression and not forward.

I get that the chance for anything happening is slim.

It just fit so well with emblems!!! But I’ll be a big boy and take one on the chin. Silver lining is Yangs elemental link.

I still appreciate everyone’s response. I dont readily stumble upon rings. Not even in a months time.

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Yes options make the game especially fun. All true.

I have six teams. Team 3 and 4 are heroes I am leveling. Team 3 are first group to be leveled and team 4 are after them.

Team 1 - Defense
2 - Titan team
3 & 4 level
5 - farming team
6 - special events, raiding team

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She wasnt even 3.70!! Whats up with me

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It’s just a day of life lessons!

Onwards and upwards as they say

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